Why I choose to study veterinary

why I choose Veterinary Medicine… I could probably sit here all day and talk about this. Like so many young people, I just had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up even all the way through my college days. I had no mentor, advisor, a guide – my parents didn’t speak to me about the need to prepare myself for the real world post-college. I’d been a science geek all through high school. I was obsessed. I used to love those scientific subjects such as chemistry and Biology. I enjoyed studying them and wanted to do something related to humanity. Many options and ideas were going through my mind at that phase in life. But I eventually chose medicine. Specifically veterinary medicine, it was because I wanted to surround myself with dogs and cats all day long and do my best to help them out since at that time I’ve always wanted to get a dog but I wasn’t allowed to do so. My parents specifically my mother would immediately show her rejection. so veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for me despite my family urging me to do other things. I had such a shortsighted view of the profession. I just always thought vet = dogs, and cats. But the truth is, veterinary medicine is wayyyyy more than that.

it’s a rewarding job! The variety is such an attractive feature, each animal has it’s own personality, as do the owners. You get to deal with owners of different backgrounds that will teach you to listen more and pay attention to every word said. Veterinary medicine is a stressful career choice. It can be very emotional at times and very rewarding at other times. You will see animals in pain suffering from every ailment. You’ll fail in holding your tears seeing pet owners crying a river upon losing their most loyal friend. Though I adore my job, I cannot deny that the worst part of being a vet is getting to deal with such cases or when we have no other choice but to put some animals down. It’s not easy but we gotta stay tough and strong. They need us.

I always get asked why I didn’t choose human medicine instead. ONE of my many reasons for choosing vet med instead of human med is actually a bit weird. But personally, I can’t handle cutting open people or dealing with illnesses that involve that

But for some reason, I can be covered in animal blood and do whatever is necessary to help them and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Moreover, in veterinary medicine, you get to do EVERYTHING! You’re a radiologist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, dermatologist etc.. all in one. It was just meant to be. I was born to help animals, to rescue them, and to be their doctor. I was born to be a vet.

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