A DAY IN A LIFE OF: a photographer

Hey beautiful people! My name is Mira Magdy, I’m 22. I’m a lifestyle & food photographer and I give a mobile photography workshop. 

A day in my life? Being a photographer you can’t do just one thing every day, your mind is always wanting more new photos in your phone/laptop. But here’s how most of my days go..so I’m a morning & breakfast person so what can you expect? I wake up around 8 am , make a very instagramable breakfast with a huge jar of iced coffee (cause a cup is never enough), take pictures to post in my story, and start preparing for my workshop classes usually till 1 or 2 pm. And some other days when I want to shoot some content for the blog, a recipe or a lifestyle post I usually pick a day when I don’t have any workshop classes in the morning to have the time to create it in the morning around 9-11 am to start preparing and get the best lighting in my house. 

Usually, I have free time between 2-6 pm to relax and eat lunch after being on the laptop or shooting for hours Then I come back to the phone and the laptop, edit whatever I have to edit and start organizing my feed and my stories, search for inspo on Pinterest for shoots ideas and Instagram content, brainstorming ideas for next day content photography which is usually a homemade breakfast (told you I’m a breakfast person) 

most days I try to post on Instagram around 9 – 10 pm and catch up on the feed.  Then there’s a me-time, a cold shower, a delicious dinner (which I usually never take photos of unless it’s like reallyyyyy delicious) , and watch Netflix for the rest of the night or go out for a chill midnight drive.  As I told you earlier this is how most of my days go but some other days I wander around in a new part of the city to take some photos of the streets and some cool hidden gems (cafes & streets) which takes the whole day,  come back home prepare a nice delicious meal, put some music on and start editing and organizing the content I made that day.

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