What is traverse?

What is Traverse?

Aimed to aid highschoolers with figuring out what the next step is, Traverse is an annual event by iSpark. Every year you get the opportunity to inform yourself about Universities and study programs, but that’s not all. The event is also a chance to network and meet people your age and to discover student-centered services and extracurriculars.

This year Traverse has partnered with universities such as the German University in Cairo or ESLSCA amongst other big names. If you don’t even know what university you want to attend because you haven’t decided on a major yet, Traverse has got your back. You can learn more about different majors and thus make such big decisions easier for you. Let’s just say it’s very much recommended to attend a Traverse event if you are in Highschool and graduating soon!



Friday 26th (1:30pm- 7:00 pm)

Saturday 27th (11:00am- 6:00pm)


Stay updated via their Instagram @isparkegypt

by: Joudi El Sayed Ali

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