Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. 

A lot of writers go through a phase where they simply.. stop writing. They suffer to find the words, they really want to write but there is nothing being written. Sometimes, it causes stress and annoyance. As it should because I mean, some of us write to escape the real world.. so now I can’t find anywhere or anything to save me from life’s complications. They lose -mainly- their only way or one of the most important ways to get it all out. Of course there are things to do when you’re in this situation but before we find solutions we need to know the reason that might cause the block! 

I believe that the reason for slowdown in any type of creativity and creation is; fear.

As for writers, you may be afraid of what people might think? You’re afraid of people getting in and reading what your heart lets out.You’re afraid of judgement or ignorance of your feelings. And I get that, it’s scary.

Along with fear, comes self criticism!

It starts when you read a piece you wrote and you think to yourself; how can I be this untalented? And it keeps going on until you convince yourself you are indeed untalented and you stop writing.

Being too distracted can also be a reason. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with a lot of assignments, work or even emotions. There is too much going on around you and you’re drowning with events. Don’t have time or energy to write. 


You want to do your best, you want your piece to be flawless. And your book to be mistake-free. You overthink every letter and every scene until you can’t write a single word.

What to do when we have writer’s block then? 

  1. Take a break and take your time, -unless it’s your job- no one’s forcing you to write. So just relax until it’s time for you to write again.
  2. As much as I understand your fear, it’s probably unnecessary. Allow people to read what you have to say and don’t think of the outcome. Let it all out, accept criticism and improve yourself! Make your fear your motivation instead of it being what stops you. If you’re afraid of writing your feelings about a certain situation, challenge yourself and WRITE IT. I promise, you’ll feel better. Because as someone wise once told me, the best way to get out is to get in!
  3. Change the scenery. Write from a coffee shop or a restaurant. Or maybe on the beach? Just write somewhere else than your usual. Find your inspiration in the environment around you and the faces you see for less than a minute. 
  4. Create a distraction free environment for yourself. Allow nobody in it and enjoy the calmness. Also, get rid of your phone and don’t connect your laptop to the internet if you’re writing on it.
  5. And the most important thing is, ask yourself; why can’t I write? What’s really stopping me? What am I afraid of? Maybe the answer to those questions will help you find your way back.

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