What does being an influencer mean?

Influencer? When we call someone influencer, what do we mean ? Is it someone who got famous on social media ? Is it someone who has turned their name into a marketing business ? What they do and how they do it varies from field to platform to person; but all influencers are:

I- interesting

N- nonconformist

F- fabulous

L- lovable

U- unbiased

E- entertaining

N- natural

C- conscious

E- educational

R- role model Wether you like a certain influencer or not, they certainly are these 10 things to many, many followers. Influencers are interesting and entertaining. They act natural and are lovable but they are also nonconformist. Meaning that they introduce you to the new and different. Which is why these trailblazers are educational, they bring you things from all over the world. Influencers should be conscious of their work- what they say and do- because they are role models and mentors for many, many people. As influencers they should also be conscious of their domain and audience. There are guidelines that have to be followed and played with mastery so that they can safely grow while showing their fabulous lives. I would argue that today’s influencers aren’t the influencers of yesterday. Since “influencers” came to be, the public perception has changed a lot. Today people are aware that not everything they see on Instagram is the influencers day to day life. The people know how to expose catfishes and imposters. They know how to cleanse their timeline and unfollow people who don’t make them feel good. Influencers are powerful, but the power is with the people. With that being said, what are the influencers you follow to you ?

Written by: Joude Elsayed-Ali

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