Tips for a productive study date

It’s nice to go out with a loved one, so maybe going out on a study date will make you feel happier, right? Most of us have started school, some may have started virtually, others not. In general, doing all the tasks you’d usually do at home and on top of that attending your classes and studying from home may get overwhelming. This year I’ve decided to attend all my classes from home and then study and do my homework in different spots, other than my house.

Here’s Nat’s study date guide:

  1. Set 10 minutes and spend a nice 5 minutes each, talking about your day, your classes, your accomplishments and your life basically…
  2. Don’t be more than 4 people, it’s already too much.
  3. Go to a café or a library with very minimal decoration and good lighting.
  4. Take breaks, I suggest taking a break every hour.
  5. Keep your distractions aside, phone on do not disturb and log out of your socials on your laptop or iPad.
  6. Try doing most of your work on paper and pen because your devices WILL distract you, whether you are aware of it or not.
  7. Don’t eat, you can snack on some nuts but do not eat an entire sandwich. If you want to eat, eat before hand or when you’re done
  8. If you and your partner aren’t working on the same things, spend the last 10 minutes before each break, summarizing what you did and how productive you were, be honest.
  9. Don’t get affectionate, as nice as it is to be doing your work with someone you love, don’t start hugging each other and acting like it’s an actual date instead of focusing on your work.
  10. Encourage each other! “You can do it!”, “You’re close to the end!”, “I’m so proud of you”, “I’m so proud of how productive we were!”, “Don’t stress, take it easy.”… small words really make a difference, especially when someone’s feeling stressed and the words are heartfelt.
  11. If you’re working on the same assignment, set 20 minutes in the beginning of the date to brainstorm the ideas, maybe write down some knowledge etc… and then work separately for a 40 minutes, then discuss what you’ve done, maybe your analysis, your difficulties etc…
  12. If you and your partner are studying for a test, write your notes together, exchange, ask questions, review each other’s notes.
  13. Get comfortable! Don’t show up in full makeup and a dressy date outfit. Your partner will see you in your normal, natural state 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for today,

Xoxo, @daily.natts

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