The Seven-Year Itch: if it’s real, why does it happen?

‘El Harsha El Sab3a’, AKA, the ‘Seven-Year Itch’: what is it? why does it happen?

What even is ‘Seven-Year Itch’?

In short, it’s the notion that after seven years of marriage (or a long AF relationship), you start to get unhappy with your partner, and you have the sense of restlessness or dissatisfaction that supposedly sets in. As portrayed in ‘El Harsha El Sab3a’ After 7 years of marriage, the characters of Amina Khalil and Mohamed Shahin start to face marital problems and get ‘itchy’ towards their relationship, as the show’s name indicates.

While it’s normal to feel a little…itchy…after a while, there’s no alarm that goes after seven years on the dot. The idea that you’d feel this way at some innocuous point in time is complete BS, You’re not going to get bored in your marriage if you commit to keeping it fresh and interesting. Problem is, it’s all too easy for your relationship to fall to the bottom of your priority list as you juggle work, kids, and other, more pressing, responsibilities. It happens, but it doesn’t need to.

If ‘Seven-Year Itch’ Is Real, Why Would It Happen?

scientifically speaking, When you first fall in love, your brain is bathed in a heady cocktail of feel-good neurochemicals, they make you get butterflies when they’re around and get all shaky and nervous, have intense excitement about your significant other and your future together. And they act as a pair of perspective-altering goggles that make you see nothing but how perfect and flawless your partner is. How this person is everything you ever wanted, and how your relationship will be a never-ending honeymoon of bliss, you know?

eventually, as they wear off, your pedestalized portrait of the person shifts into a more nuanced picture. You start to notice their faults and weaknesses more. Areas of incompatibility, formerly ignored, increasingly come to the fore.

Perhaps then, the ‘Seven-Year Itch’ arises at the time in a relationship when both partners have finally gotten to know each other like the backs of their hands. They have few new stories to share or secrets to reveal. Each person knows what the other will say before they say it. In the absence of novelty, there is an absence of excitement, and a feeling of stagnation — a feeling that the relationship has run its course, that the spark is barely lit anymore — may set in.

We think that if you wanna keep the spark alive, it will stay, nonetheless, this is our take on this, do you think the ‘Seven-Year Itch’ is a myth or a reality?

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