Stunning spots to spend summer vacation in Egypt!

When it comes to where to spend summer holiday, it goes without saying that Egypt is well-known for its fascinating destinations that provide a myriad of unique and intriguing activities that could be suitable to people from diverse backgrounds and personalities.

And today we gonna explore some of these locations in detail

  • Marsa Alam :

Marsa Alam is a perfect location for spending your summer vacation, for you may go diving or snorkeling in any of the spectacular locations there that have quite rare species of aquatic organisms as well as the fascinating colorful coral reefs like:

1 – Ras Hunukrab

2- Abu Dabab beach :

However, if you are seeking tranquility and calmness there are also numerous locations where you can observe the natural scenery, disconnect from all the stress and release all the negative energy like:

1Wadi el Gemal :

  • Dahab :

In the past few years, Dahab has become a quite popular destination for both Egyptians and foreign visitors who want to spend their vacations in a spot that is both quite affordable and provides a wide range of activities to be done.

And here is a list of the locations that are worth visiting in Dahab which provide a life time experience:

1-Lagoona beach : 

2-Abu Galum :

3-Blue hole :

4-  Saint Catherine :

  • El Gouna :

One of my favorite summer getaways was spending time at my all-time favorite El Gouna, Egypt. There is a variety of activities for everyone from water sports and beach clubs to restaurants from every country all in one place. Beside Boat trips, diving, and all kind of fun sports. Here is your guide to spending summer in El Gouna.

  1. Kite surfing and beach clubs

If you are into kite surfing and working out, there are various places that Offer you professional kite surfing courses, equipment, camps, events and fitness centers

2- Waterskiing and wakeboarding:

El Gouna is well known for its fascinating venues such as Aqua Parks, pool clubs where a lot of water activities may be done, and one of the most popular Olympic standard cable parks in the world which hold many tournaments is also found there.

3 – Standup paddling :


  • Nuweiba :

A vast number of people may have never considered Nuweiba as a site for vacation, however it provides a huge number of compelling activities which are unique to this magical place like:

1- 4WD (four-wheel drive) tours in the colored canyons:

2- Hiking :

3- Water activities in Coral island and African divers island :

And for those living in Cairo and do not have the chance to travel this summer, NO PROBLEM !

Cairo is quite famous for its marvelous spots and locations where the citizens and tourists may enjoy their vacations whatever the kind of experience they are looking for.

1- If you are a keen listener to music, attending the famous open-Air performances at the opera house might be quite interesting :

2- Nothing is better than wandering in Khan el-khalili and share3 el Mo3ez after the sun sets and exploring the majesty of the old Cairo while taking photographs to document this magnificent trip :

3– Amongst all the compelling things to do in Cairo in summer, the most famous is cruising and dining on the River Nile. Taking a soothing dinner cruise down the river in the evening will surely help you make the most of your summer in Egypt:

4- El Zamalek is the top dining location in Egypt and it also provides hotels, restaurants, bookstores, floating cuisines, cafes, and a variety of charming antique stores where you can spend an entire evening wandering the different venues.

Written by : Kareem Waleed & Mariam Mohamed

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