“Sportsmanship”: A rare definition in Egypt.

Have you watched Egypt & Brazil football match in the Olympics?

Absolutely you’ve watched it. I know you were not just watching, you’re screaming & maybe you fought with the one whom you’re watching the match with.

Here is the point ” Intolerance“. We still don’t accept that football is just a game, you have the complete right to support any team, you should have loyalty to your team especially if it’s the national team representing your whole country. But, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to impose your opinion on people or even judge other’s opinions.

Unfortunately, we can find that sometimes friendships are broken & Fights are getting worse between family members because of their affiliations to different football teams.

Now, Egyptians are divided into Men & Women, Muslims & Christians, and finally who we call “Ahlawya & Zamalkwya” which became part of our identity. Arguments between both teams can literally lead to crimes. I know it’s something Unbelievable.

Freedom of speech became solidified while we need to gain this kind of enlightenment. We get to mute ourselves & hide our opinions in order to prevent losing our temper during the famous debate “who’s the best team?

The argument has reached the footballers themselves affecting their mental health & physical performance during matches. You may be adoring this player but for a shoot that he had missed, you can leave him a comment on Facebook insulting him for not concentrating.

So, Things you should have in mind while watching football matches:
  • Remember that the aim of watching is entertainment. You watch football in order to enjoy your time in something that you really love not for getting yourself more anxious.
  • Sports = gain & loss. None of the teams will win or lose forever, that’s why you should not take your team’s victory for granted.
  • Stop criticising other teams while watching. In fact, your loyalty to a certain team doesn’t mean that it’s the one & only as both of them can be really doing their bests.
  • Failure is not a shame & footballers don’t have to pay the cost of it. We blame players in a very tough & rude way, to the extent that some of us might manipulate with their reputation or get more into their personal lives to avenge the loss.
  • Congratulate people who’re supporting the competitor team for their victory & feel proud of your team’s effort. Don’t let such game to affect your social life with the people you love.

Finally, who’s meant to win will win. Your fight won’t change anything, it won’t even change other’s opinions. So, just enjoy the game & enjoy the excitement you feel while watching because it’s what matters most.

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