Stop The Cruelty

Everyday we see some kind of animal abuse, wherever we go. It starts when the father kicks the cat out of the way because his child is scared of it, then the child grows up knowing that animals have no feelings, they are to be kicked, hit, thrown with water and sometimes brutally killed for no reason.

But, throughout Eid El Adha we go through different types of abuse, where people do what God allowed them to do, in a very wrong way, not taking into consideration how it’s supposed to happen at all.

So, the rules for a merciful Adhya are:

  1. The knife has to be sharp, so that the animal doesn’t feel so much pain while going or die slowly.
  2. The animal should NOT see the knife it will be slaughtered with.
  3. Other animals shouldn’t be around the slaughtering area , watch it or even smell it.

That’s what they’re supposed to do, this is how Halal Adhya is done, but people do not care about what those creatures feel because they do not believe they have feelings, and this is where the problem comes from.

Why has this not stopped yet? Because no one cares about animals in Egypt. We get laughed at when we say we boycott brands that try their products on animals, we get weird looks when we feed stray animals, and we get called sensitive when we cry over our injured/dead pets. And we watch animal abuse videos that happen here in Egypt everyday, and nothing happens to stop it. The people trying to fight for those helpless creatures are always called names and made fun of, while in fact, they are heroes and they have hearts of gold!

What happens to animals every single day in this country is not merciful and is not okay and will never be.

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