Songs to boost your mood

Ever been touched by just a verse? The rhythm? The highest points and lowest points of a song? I bet you did, because music is so powerful, it can help you think, dance, write, daydream and even cry. It doesn’t matter if the song has words or not, literally according to researches classical music is the most common type of music between humans, and can you blame us? Classical music has touched me in so many ways beyond the possible, I remember feeling like a fairy in some Disney movie, and I can’t let this feeling go away. Here are top 7 songs that boosts your mood from normal to extra.

1. Can I call you tonight? By Dayglow

2. Are you bored yet? By Wallows ft. Clairo

3. Streets by Doja Cat

4. Telepatia by kali uchis

5. Sofia by Clairo

6. Electric love by BØRNS

7. Play Date by Melanie Martinez

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