Social Media Clash: Influencer Birthday Party Turns Violent

The Ministry of Interior’s security agencies shared details about an assault involving a social media content creator who got hurt during a gathering in the First Settlement area. The fight happened because a video was being filmed inside the home of blogger Mariam El Haraki.

The First Settlement Police Department in Cairo got a report from a social media content creator living in the area. The report said that two other content creators verbally and physically attacked him, causing injuries and bruises. This happened at a private event at a friend’s house, who is also a content creator.

After investigating, the police arrested the two attackers. They confessed to the assault after a fight broke out between them and the victim at the event. Legal actions were taken, and the case was sent to the Public Prosecution.

The blogger Mariam El Haraki has been trending, with social media users sharing videos and photos from her party.


Mariam El Haraki said she did not talk about what happened at her birthday party because blogger Hassan Piso asked her not to discuss it on social media, saying the issue was over. However, she was surprised when he started talking about the knife fight that happened at her party and accused her of several things. Therefore, she decided to release a voice recording of him asking her not to talk about the incident.

Mariam El Haraki wanted her birthday party to be special, so she asked the guests to wear شعبي clothes and accessories like popular chains and plastic cages and to style their hair like شعبي figures even though all the guests were Egyptian by blood.

Some guests dressed up as famous characters from movies and TV shows, ranging from Donia Samir Ghanem’s role in “El-Farah” to Nesreen Amin’s role as a bride celebrating her wedding. She also set up a شعبي red tent and a stage, creating an atmosphere similar to popular weddings.

The incident at Mariam El Haraki’s birthday party shows the growing tensions among social media content creators, who often try hard to make unique and interesting content. The physical fight highlights the dangers of these rivalries, especially when personal issues turn into real-life conflicts.

The party’s theme focused on شعبي Egyptian clothes and settings to create a nostalgic and cultural celebration. However, the evening took a dramatic turn when the argument turned into a physical fight. This incident not only caused injuries but also led to legal consequences for those involved.

Mariam’s decision to share the voice recording of Hassan Piso adds more complexity to the situation. It shows the trust and betrayal issues among influencers, who often live their public and private lives under intense scrutiny. Sharing the recording is likely an attempt to clear her name and show she intended to comply with Piso’s request for discretion.

The choice of party theme, with guests dressing up as characters from popular media, reflects how pop culture influences social events. This blending of real-life and fictional personas creates a unique social setting where the lines between entertainment and reality can blur, sometimes leading to unexpected and dramatic outcomes.

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