So, Was Egypt Fashion Week A Success? Our Honest Opinion

Did Egypt Just Have Its Own Fashion Week!!

The first-ever fashion week in Egypt took place on May 12th, with the theme “past, present, and future.” A tribute to Egypt’s heritage and culture. The Event took place at Egypt’s National Museum,Cairo with more than 62 different designers.Was this week a success in its attempt to blend fashion, art,and history? Let us share with you our thoughts on the entire week,but before we get started, keep in mind that art is subjective and that no one hates a little craziness when it comes to fashion 

Runway, Models and outfits

The runway location inside the museum was magnificently appealing. For a debut runway, a variety of outfits caught our eye and performed admirably. Others had deeper meanings that masked the weaknesses in the design.

However, we were dissatisfied with a lot of design brands. Their clothes almost reminded us of television costumes.

Many of the designers ran a variety of unconnected ideas down the same runway rather than sticking to a single theme, which overshadowed some truly stunning pieces.

Throughout the week, I really loved seeing all of the accessories.  Egyptian designers were able to  create exquisite handcrafted bags and jewelry. All made to honor our past and identity. 

Fashion Week

On the other hand,the most important aspect of a runway is a model walk, but unfortunately, a lot of the models were poorly chosen, and their performances were not impressive or captivating 

Not all of the models were Egyptian; many of them traveled from other countries to participate in our first fashion show, so it saddened us to learn that several coloured girls had reported encountering racist remarks. When asked about her modeling experience, model Adhar Abiem told 20s Unfiltered that both the first and second days were pleasant until one of the makeup artists refused to use a few of the cosmetics on the models, claiming that their skin tones were too dark for makeup like blush.

Over the years, discussions about race and ethnicity have taken place in Egypt. And as social media became increasingly popular, people began raising awareness on racial concerns. We hope that those in charge took appropriate action to put an end to this.

Panels and Workshops

The panels and seminars held throughout the week were something I was looking forward to in the entire event.Azza Fahmy, Manuel Arnaut, Editor of Vogue Arabia, and Susan Sabet, Founder of Pashion Magazine, among others, addressed to the audience about significant issues pertaining to the fashion business both in Egypt and overseas.

Press coverage and celebrities 

A part of the fun in watching a fashion show is spotting one or 2 of your favorite celebrities, fashion influencers or designers in the event. However egypts most known and admired faces when it comes to fashion weren’t present. Sara Onsi, Jessica Toutounji, The Okhtein Sisters,Dorra Zarrouk,salma abu deif, and imaan hammam which disappointed many of us. Can we say that we were robbed of glamorous fashion week moments?

Celebrities increase media attention and fan and audience interaction, both of which are crucial for a first-time fashion week. Many fashion editors of magazines, including ours,  have received the invites very late or haven’t gotten them at all.Many people are surprised to learn that Egypt held a fashion week at the first place 

I don’t believe it’s fair to say that the entire week was a failure, but I think we all had high hopes for it. Hopefully the designers are flexible and innovative with the pieces the following season. We also look forward to more media coverage and Egyptian designers appearing on the runway. Eagerly waiting for more fashion events in Egypt.

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