Our Favourite Youth Owned Businesses!

In the past few years, a great proportion of the Egyptian youth insisted on establishing their own businesses to have a chance to break the mould and use their potentials and creative ideas to provide a wide range of products and services that are quite intriguing and handy for a myriad of people!

And today we’re going to give you a deeper insight into our favourite youth-owned businesses:

1 – Pinkpyramideg: pink pyramid is a female led and owned clothing brand that offers a wide range of fascinating female designed hoodies and shirts that you will never regret trying!

2 – Emmkan: it is one of the first organisations that tackled the topic of social emotional learning in a pretty intriguing way by offering numerous programs and workshops that mainly focus on this sensitive topic.

3 – Ikigai.cai: it’s an e-store which sells vintage and sustainably designed costumes to mitigate the adverse impacts of fashion industry on the environment.

4 – Oricansegypt: A team full of talented creators who work industriously to shape paper into anything you can ever imagine!

5 – isparkegypt: If you are a high schooler and you are still confused about which career to pursue, attending ispark’s annual events would give you a valuable chance to explore diverse careers theoretically and practically!

6 – thepiececake: providing good and creative content online is not easy at all; however, this team, in the past few years, have become well-known for producing quite intriguing programs and comedy sketches which proved that the notion of producing compelling content is actually feasible!

7 – Very Nile: it’s one of the first youth-led initiatives that focuses on cleaning the Nile in Egypt and raising people’s awareness regarding the great vitality of maintaining the well-being of the environment.

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