Ultimate Valentine’s Retreat for Singles

A year ago, if you had asked me about Valentine’s Day, I would have walked you through a list of
theories about mandatory consumerism, stereotypes, or society persuading you of the essentiality of
being in love through valentines or the never-ending cycle of television commercials. Blame it on
melancholy or movies but I have always disliked valentine’s day. Most of the time it’s overwhelming and
in others, it’s the additional presence of stuffed teddy bears that bothers me. maybe because it creates
unrealistic expectations or because I have always viewed it as a holiday celebrating relationships only
And it made me realize that we spend all our lives waiting and chasing love and sometimes along the
way we forget to love ourselves so this year I’ve decided to grant myself the kind of love I deserve, be
my own source of happiness and maybe celebrate love (aka valentine’s day). I will celebrate myself.
Celebrate the ups and downs I’ve experienced, the good days before the hard ones, celebrate my family
and friends, and the bonds I’ve promised to keep. so here I am thinking of ideas to make the best of this
• Binge-watch a brand-new show or have a movie marathon.
There’s nothing quite like slipping into your pajamas, lighting a scented candle, buying your favorite
snacks, and watching your favorite comfort movies.
• Have a night out with friends
Plan a night out with your friends go to your favorite restaurant, road trip, theater, karaoke night, or
stay home and order pizza for a movie
• Buy Yourself Flowers
• Relax and enjoy an evening of self-pampering.

•Bake a cake or buy one
Baking a chocolate cake with French music in the background may sound like an ideal solo date,
decorate it with frostings and colorful sprinkles and either eat it or send it to a friend
• Dance it out!
Yes, a greys anatomy reference, put on your favorite outfit;play your favorite song and dance everything
that’s stressing you out
• Read a book
• Workout, Workout, Workout!!
Working out doesn’t only put you in a good shape but it reduces stress and improves your mood
• Take a yoga class
If everything else feels overwhelming or too much you can always stay in bed a little more. Just
remember to love yourself on this day and every other day

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