We Asked Youth to Share Their Heartfelt Opinions on Marriage

Wedding bells, wedding rings, zaffas, and parties– more often than not, these are the kind of traditions that we have grown up around and been told to expect. However, the post-modern era has created a cultural shift in society with the changing views on traditionalism and marriage holding a mirror to this change in narrative. We live in a world where our individuality and new societal norms often intersect so we asked the youth a simple question: What do you really think about marriage?

Who did we ask?

While looking at the youth, most of our respondents were between 19-21; our modern age of enlightenment. But what did all these people believe?

The Evolution of Traditional Ideas of Marriage

When looking at the data, it seems that most of the respondents believe that the traditional ideas of marriage have, to some extent, evolved in the 21st century. Many respondents deem that this evolution happens due to the shift in the feminist movement, where a woman has more power than before and is considered an equal in the relationship.

However, there is still a portion of the respondents that don’t completely agree with the statement. Those respondents hold the opinion that these traditional ideas still exist in various places in the world and to say that it has completely evolved is naïve as women are still seen as property and marriage is not equal while the stronghold of the patriarchy still perseveres.

Are Big and Expensive Weddings Worth It?

For many, this question lies at the heart of discourse and discussion surrounding the importance of celebrations and unions. The allure of lavish weddings, complete with opulent venues, extravagant decorations, and a guest list that seems to stretch into eternity, can be intoxicating.

However, underneath the surface, a complex interplay of emotions, expectations, and financial considerations comes into play. During these conversations is when respondents consider the importance financial of financial stability and if getting married at all is something affordable.

This is the question that really split the respondents however, the majority do not believe that big expensive weddings are worth it. It is believed that big expensive weddings are just a materialistic show whereas the money could be saved for a honeymoon or a first house and generally building a future. On the other hand, the respondents that hold the opinion that these weddings are worth it for the memory of the first night of the rest of your life–Go out with a bang… go big or go home.

What Is Important in a Marriage?

The question that delves into the essence of any relationship is: what qualities do we look for? Most of our responses believe that the most fundamental factor in a successful marriage ranges from patience, communication, compassion, respect, and trust– it seems so simple. These ingredients are crucial to building a seemingly perfect and long-lasting relationship, but it’s easier said than done. We beg to ask the question, is that all we need?

So we have all these ingredients to build a strong marriage, but what about what seems to be the most important thing: love? Love! How exciting, but how important is it? Culture and love are a more complicated relationship than we think.

A lot of our respondents have answered, saying that love isn’t an important part of marriage in their culture. Whilst this isn’t the same around the world, some perceive love as an addition to marriage; as long as there is respect, love is something that can be found later.

How Do the Youth Feel About Arranged Marriage

The intricate interplay between tradition and personal choice, the ethical questions behind arranged marriage and how it can survive with the youth is treaded lightly. As societies evolve and the new generation aims to pursue their individuality, we see the concept of arranged marriages dissipate.

A lot of our respondents don’t view the concept as a bad thing and understand how it can work for some. It helps resolve internal and external family and cultural conflicts while also making it easier to meet different people. However, a majority of the respondents are personally against it and would rather marry for love. This brings us back to the question: is love really important? Well, it seems the youth think so.

We had one final question for our respondents, for our youth…

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