5 Rounds: Adam El Sharkawy Marking His Spot on The Big Screens

Starring Adam El Sharkawy, Nour El Nabawy, Majed El Masry, Aida Al Ayoubi, Dalia Shawky, Mustafa Darwish, rap singer Arsink, Latifa Fahmy and Sally Rashad (with screenplay and dialogue composed by Mohamed Abdel Moaty, the movie ‘5 rounds’ explores the challenging realm of mixed martial arts (more commonly known as MMA) and rap.

Exclusive BTS content from the movie!

The summer 2023 film brings the late actor Mustafa Darwish back to the big screen again after his heart-wrenching passing.

Tedious training and strong capmaigning?

Although the movie ‘5 rounds’ has been postponed (predominantly believed to be out of respect for Mustafa Darwish’s passing), the movie ought to be released in cinemas next Wednesday – where everyone will get to live through Mustafa Darwish’s art once again. As Marcus Tullius Cicero once declared, ‘Life is short, but art lives forever’ – which is definitely why the movie is going to impose an immense effect on all viewers (particularly those from the artistic community).

In spite of the tragedies witnessed throughout the year, the official trailer for the movie Five Rounds achieved 2 million views after its release in a short period of time. Simultaneously, it brought along great interaction and engagement from the target audience (mixed martial arts fans and the rap audience).

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