Noor Al Fallah: Everything You Need To Know About Al Pacino’s Kuwaiti Pregnant Girlfriend.

In the past few days, social media has been a little bit hectic with the news of Noor Al Fallah (who is 29 years old) and Al Pacino (who is 83 years old). As far as we know she is 8 months pregnant with his fourth child yet their first child together. However, there has been a rumour that Al Pacino asked for a DNA test saying that he has a medical condition and it is hard for him to get someone pregnant. Some of us don’t know anything about Noor Al Fallah except her relationship with Al Pacino.

Who is Noor Al Fallah?

Noor al Fallah was born in Kuwait in December 1993, she was born to a Kuwaiti father and an American mother. However, she spent her childhood in the United States and graduated from UCLA in film and tv production. al Fallah is a 29-year-old successful film producer. She is also a social media influencer, model and entrepreneur. She began her career in the entertainment industry and people started to know her after she produced her first short movie “La Petite Mort “ in 2018 and she was the vice president of Lynda Obst Production at Sony.

For those who don’t know Lynda Obst Productions, it’s a company that produced one of the most popular movies like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days “ and “Interstellar “. Despite her young age, al Fallah has risen in her career, starting from being an assistant and working her way up .al Fallah has worked with many famous people but despite all of that, what got her in the headlines was after being spotted with Al Pacino, and of course, she is now the talk of social media after the announcement of her pregnancy on May 30

Love Life!

Noor and Al Pacino started dating in 2020 during the pandemic. Despite the age gap between them, Noor Al Fallah has a history of dating older men. In 2017 al Fallah started dating the famous English singer, Mick Jagger when he was 74 and she was only 23. they stayed together through 2017 and 2018, and as much as some people say that they were both single and having fun, rumours say that Jagger wasn’t single at that time, yet he was still with Melanie Hamrick, the mother of his youngest child.

In 2018, al Fallah and the billionaire Nicolas Berggruen were spotted having lunch together. Al Fallah and Berggruen seemed to be doing so well as she couldn’t stop posting photos about them together. At first, it started with a post wishing him a happy birthday, but during summer, they seemed to be hitting it off from Italy to France to Capri .they even went to an art exhibition in LA together. However, the snaps stopped in late 2019/early 2020.

Until now you’d think that’s it, but Noor Al Fallah keeps surprising us when rumours have spread about her and the famous star, Clint Eastwood, Noor and Eastwood were spotted together but she denied having any romantic relationship with him saying that they’re only family friends.


Noor’s Family

According to her social media, Noor al Fallah is on good terms with her family. Her parents are happily married and she is the older sibling to two sisters and one brother. As some might say that she dates older men for money, Al fellah’s father is an oil investor and even though she comes from a very wealthy family, she still worked to create her wealth. Looks like Noor Al fallah is more than just Al Pacino’s girlfriend, she has led a very interesting and successful life, and according to her past relationships, it looks like Al Fallah just likes older men.

BY: Jana Loai

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