New Year’s Resolutions: 2020 TOO (2022)

Hope. There is a fine line between being unrealistic, and simply optimistic. What makes a person wait impatiently for the 31st of December to finally arrive? Instead of it being New Year’s Eve, it suddenly becomes “the day you put your life together” eve -so many resolutions and promises made to one’s self. Due to many psychological factors, the fresh start effect is usually used as a way to boost your morale; however, the question remains, can you stick to your new “New Year’s Resolutions” list?

First off, it is agreeable that some people abuse the fresh start effect and try setting bizarre goals for their new year. Some put high expectations on themselves which leads to nothing but remorse when they can’t reach said goals. Nevertheless, don’t let that fact pull you down; studies have shown that people who create a new year’s resolutions list are more likely to alter their behavior among that year, in an attempt to fulfill those targets -provided they are realistic ones.

Now how do you make a list that doesn’t cripple you and ensures a proper success rate? Here are the steps for just doing that and making sure you stick to your plans!

1. PLAN:
Don’t just throw in random goals such as: get fit, or getting higher grades. Plan it all; start by setting a deadline for yourself. Make sure there are solid and manageable steps that could be taken one by one until said deadline. Address those steps by creating a calendar perhaps. EXAMPLE: you set yourself a target to reach 10% of your whole plan by the end of February per se.

2. Don’t Distract Yourself:
Don’t set a hundred goals with a million tiny subgoals. You would only be setting yourself up for disappointment. Again, there’s a fine line between being optimistic and unrealistic. If you think you could manage to juggle three jobs along with studying while trying to learn two new languages then please, stop reading; there’s no helping you.

3. Remember That Good Things Take Time:
It won’t be an overnight drastic change; it will take time and effort to finally see results -no matter what your goal is. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember your past successes; you are not the same person you were years ago. Find your patience within this journey because unfortunately, being hasty will only cause you to trip and fall behind.

4. Last Mistakes Are Past Mistakes:
If you keep having the same resolutions every year then chances are: you are not that keen on keeping them. People often believe they want one thing and they think they are working towards it; however, after a long period of time, they find themselves at square one still. That is usually because sometimes people feel like they should want to reach a certain target, even though it is not necessarily their priority.

5. Track Your Progress:
Surely making a list is lovely and full of positive vibes, but you will face setbacks. It is a whole year full of uncertain experiences and encounters, so you will need a journal to keep track of your progress in case you felt like things are going south. Moreover, a journal could help you reflect on how a certain goal is affecting your overall well-being and day-to-day life.

6. Privacy Wins:
Don’t go around advertising that you have made a sweet list of resolutions full of goals and subgoals. Studies have shown that the more you speak of a certain goal with others, the more likely you are to leave said goal unfulfilled. Keep your plans private and enjoy the journey in complete solitude.

7. 2020 TOO (2022):
Have you seen the comics and memes on how 2022 is pronounced 2020 Too? Well, perhaps you should read more into it. It is agreeable that for the past two years everyone’s life has changed drastically: some people lost their loved ones, and other ones lost themselves. So perhaps, take a look at your old resolutions; maybe some of those should be rewritten as new ones because God knows how hard it was to stick to plans when the world felt like it was ending. Don’t look at your 2019 resolutions though; that was one lifetime ago and it was globally such a peaceful year. You probably were a wholly different person with an utterly different mindset.

Last but not least, remember that your goals are to make your life better, not harder. Keep jotting down and tracking your progress while maintaining an optimistic approach; don’t let those upcoming setbacks pull you down! Finally, may 2022 be the year you become the change you want to see in the mirror, whether looks-wise or characteristically.

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