From Aromatic Candles to Eid Products : Miche Walks Us Through How The Cosmetics Brand Lush Is Leaving the World Lusher.

During Lush x toda’s Lushiverse event we had the chance to talk to Miche the Head of brand and digital for lush Middle East so let us tell you about the brand’s latest releases and her favorite products.

Lush is now celebrating our favorite holidays with limited edition customized products

UH: What’s your favorite thing that Lush has done so far?

Miche: So something that I love that Lush has been doing is that we’ve been doing these “co-create” where we are making sure that we celebrate more than just Christmas. Every year, we have teams that come together to talk about Eid products and other holiday products. We’re also gonna have Lunar New Year products and Hanukkah products!

The way that these ranges are created is by bringing those communities together from across the lush globe!


UH: Can you tell us more about today’s holiday ranges?

Miche: So today, we are showcasing two main ranges: Halloween and Christmas. So in the Halloween range, we have a range called ‘Lord Of Misrule’, our region’s best-selling scent! It’s patchouli (like cracked black pepper and vanilla smell) and one of our all-year-round best-selling signature scents, so you have to make sure you check it out.

In the Christmas range, Snow Fairy is one of our most classic, favorite products and scents of all time at Lush. Snow Fairy has been around for probably about ten years now, so you definitely need to check it out. My favorite new products that are coming out are candles and Lush Melt that you can either use in your bathtub, or you can put in an oil burner so you can make sure your whole entire space smells of Snow Fairy.

UH: Considering how long you’ve been with Lush, what is your favorite product?

Miche: So I have been with Lush for about 16 years now, and I love our products! My favorite product is (which I think is one of our most underrated products) called Ultrabland. It’s an oil-based cream cleanser that removes all of your makeup and gently cleanses your skin. It uses honey, beeswax, and some really delicious rose water to cleanse your makeup off your face but still keep you feeling hydrated. So, Ultrabland is my number one like, and I cannot live without it!

UH: Are there any expansion plans for lush around the Middle East?

Miche: Regarding expansion for Lush in the Middle East, we currently are in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar and Oman. We’re always looking at expanding in new regions, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. We’re always looking for different partners to help us open up those locations, so hopefully, we will come to a country near you soon!

UH: Could you tell us why you chose MCC to open the first lush spa?

Miche: We are opening up this fall in our City Center location because it is one of our most established locations! We’ve had customers visiting that shop for years, so we thought it would be nice to make sure that our local customers (who have been our fans for so long) are the first ones to get the spot.

We also knew that was a really big shop and our location was great, so what we’re basically doing is we’re going to cut the shop and make it much smaller. The front of it will still be a store, and then at the back of it, you can enter the Lush spa and have that incredible experience 🙂

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