Iran’s Women Goalkeeper Threatens to Sue the Jordan FA over Accusations of Her Being a Man

32-year-old goalkeeper of the Iranian women’s football team, Zohreh Koudaei, has recently faced accusations regarding her gender after Iran’s win.

The Jordan Football Association claimed Koudei to be a man after Iran’s win over Jordan in September. Zohreh’s notable performance during the match helped the team qualify to the Women’s Asia Cup for the first time with a legendary 4-2 win, by blocking two goal attempts by the Jordanian team.

Zohreh was accused to be “a man posing as a woman” by the football governing body. The president of the Jordan Football Association, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, tweeted, requesting “a gender verification check“.

Iran’s team selector, Maryam Irandoost, was quick to dismiss the allegations, stating that each player is carefully examined by the medical staff to avoid any issues in this regard and asking people not to worry about the matter.

We will provide any documentation that the Asian Confederation of Football wishes without wasting time.” Stated Irandoost.

As well as so, Irandoost shared with Iran’s Fars News Agency, that she believes the widespread talk about the gender of the goalkeeper is just an excuse for Jordan Football Association not to accept the defeat.

I am a woman, and this is bullying,” Koudaei told the media in a reaction to the accusations, vowing to sue the association for their claims.

The 2022 AFC is set to take place in January of next year, in India, and we are looking forward to seeing Zohreh shine with another fascinating win for the team.

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