Interviewing Shrouck Ayman the women behind Gigi in ” f beytna robot”

UH:Tell us a bit about yourself

SA: My name is Sherouk Ayman , I’m 24 years old. I’m an MIU mass communication master’s student. I adore acting since I was 18 and I have gone to a lot of auditions and have done several trials to enter the field. My university didn’t have a theater so I was the founder of MIU’s theater also I love food so much.

UH: How did you land the part in “Fi Beytna Robot” ?

SA: It was a coincidence as several people recommended me for the role at the same time!
I have done a fashion advertisement that Hisham Gamal has seen so he decided to let me play the role of “GiGi”. On the other hand, Marwa Gabrie also recommended me for the role.
I believe It was just fate or destiny nothing else !

UH: How you and your character Gigi simillar/different ?

SH: Gigi and I are totally different. Gigi was somehow rude, she has a lot of confidence even if she has ruined everything. I’m not like that at all, I’m so shy and I’m really careful when I talk, I think thoroughly about what I say. Even If when I’m saying the harsh truth I say it in a decent way in order not to hurt anybody.on the other hand,Gigi took advantage of her sister and used her all the time which is somehow sad

UH: What was your first impression on the cast ?

SA: I loved them from the first day! , Laila, ShoSho, Hesham, and Amr were the 1st people I saw on my first day. All of them were really supportive and gave me aton of positive energy as if I was their friend.
At first , I was a little bit taken and afraid, I didn’t understand anything but they were really helpful and nice to me !
I was very grateful because I thought that I was going to deal with actors and stars so they would be arrogant…etc. but what took place was completely different so I really loved them and they are the best people I’ve ever met in my life !

UH: What is an embarrassing or funny moment that happend to you on set ?

SA:One day, when I was shooting one of the scenes, I was leaving “Sarah’s house” Then, against my will, I held something wrong and it broke haha! on the other hand, this isn’t a funny situation but I caught Corona Virus in the last days of shooting and there were several scenes and episodes I haven’t shot, yet !!!
thankfully there was time to shot the essential missing scenes on the last day of shooting!

UH: Will we be seeing you on screen anytime soon ?

SA: Yeah , In “Hagma Mortda” this Ramadan and in 60 minutes with Yasmine Raaees!

UH: If you could give one advice to anyone starting up what would it be?

SA: Actually, I’m still starting up myself so I don’t have many tips but acting is really really hard in the beginning, It needs effort and be persistent especially If you have no one in the field to help you or give you a push in the beginning. put effort , try endlessly, take risks, and one day there will be fair rewards !!!

UH: What are some goals you would like to achieve in the field?

I want to prove that I can do several roles in the field in several genres.
I want to work on myself more, become a better actor.
I want to do impactful roles that will live in people’s minds and never be forgotten

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