We are all over achievers in something. From video games to studies, we all thrive to be the best at at least one thing.  But sometimes, we tend to start something and then drop it, saying “oh, i have time” or “ oh, i’m never gonna get better at this”. If you’re struggling with your goals, then let me help you.

One of my biggest tips is to write down all the goals and aspirations you’d like to achieve in a given amount of time. Stick them to your wall, put them as your phone’s background, whatever suits you as long as they’re always within your sight. It keeps you grounded and reminded that this is your finish point, and what you’re doing now is helping you reach it. 

Next is time management!! And I can not stress this enough. I was never organized, I swear it. I gave myself deadlines but rarely ever met them because I simply didn’t want to organize my time and give it the duration it needed to be achieved. However, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I want to do things in life and I want to be something. And to start, i downloaded a journal/calendar. The one I use is called Planner Pro, available on the app store. There are many others too, but this one seemed convenient to me. This isn’t sponsored whatsoever, just a girl helping you out. It allows you to write down tasks, put up events and take notes all at once. Also comes with a reminder to keep you in check. It truly is helpful in time management and organization.

And finally, don’t rush it. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to be sure to be comfortable doing it and doing it correctly. If your deadline is too short, you’ll rush it and we both know that’s not in your best interest. So take your time to do it right and in the best way possible.

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