ISpark offers an annual internship program for high schoolers called “wheelers” for a year long. They’re a total of 100 Students from different schools, divided into teams of 10s. Recruitment takes place each year on June. Students are trained in sales, marketing, and event organizing. They then get to apply what they have learned on the events ISpark hold. They currently recruited the 2020 applicants however you can wait for next June or attend an annual event held by ISpark called “Traverse” that features different opportunities for this age such as internship providers, career guidance and workshops. You can follow them to make sure you don’t miss next year’s recruitment

.2. Stamps

Stamps is a traveling agency that offers as well opportunity for the high schoolers. They totally encourage the idea of teens working and their team already includes some high schoolers. They offer marketing positions and maybe PR for those who they find talented and suitable for it. They’re currently not hiring but you could definitely follow their Instagram account to be updated with any news on hiring, as they always announce on their account. 

3. Celebratory/ C-brands/ C-tripsCelebratory events

aka the mother agency for both C-trips and C-brands is a youth community with fresh ideas that college students get the opportunity to manage all the work in the agency. Their vision is to grow with their seniors and create a close bond with them. They basically organize everything you could possibly need to make your senior year an unforgettable one. They organize trips, design your senior uniform, and plan events such as prom or Halloween parties throughout those three agencies. You’ve probably heard of them before as they work with more than 100 schools so I’m pretty sure your school could be one of them. Celebratory can actually select you if you are a senior committee member. How it works? One of them gets to help you throughout the whole senior year while studying your skills to see if they could let you join their team next year by doing some head hunting with those who interacted with the seniors throughout their whole journey. If you never got the chance to be one of your school’s senior committee it’s totally fine you still could apply once they announce on their platforms that they are hiring. You get to apply for positions like entertainment team, operations, sales, or multimedia. They also offer a summer internship for seniors that allows them to learn and experience everything, which all the three agencies provide so that when you start Uni they get to put you in the position that they find you most suitable in. Via this enterprise you’ll find yourself in a position to do something you’re both interested and skillful in. We believe this would be a very fun experience as you’d get to meet a lot of people from different universities who are responsible, great leaders, and creative. Working with them will help increase your communication skills and you’ll be needed and respected no matter what you do. Don’t forget to go follow them to be updated and maybe they could be useful for you one day when you become a senior!

4. Young Productions

​Young productions is a media agency providing lots of services such as short movies, video marketing and photoshoots. The great news is that they offer internships at Public Relations (PR) and Digital Productions (DP) 

5. Nola Cupcake

​Egypt’s 1st gourmet cupcake bakery. They offer internships in sales & customer relations for teens and the duration is 2 weeks. In the application you get to choose the closest branch to you, date to start, and whether you prefer the morning or night shift. They have more than 20 branches all around Egypt. This gives teens from all over Egypt the chance of joining this nice and fun experience. 

6. UNN model management If you’re between the ages 13-22 and above 170 cm with a passion for modeling and fashion this is the agency for you. All you have to do is head to their website and fill the application to book an appointment. 

7. Vodafone Vodafone’s internship program is for undergrad students who are looking to add a challenging and exciting experience to their student life. Their program allows you to gain hands on experience and explore career options. All students receive the needed coaching and mentorship. Best part is that you get paid for your time.

Who could apply?

All University students.

Someone with a strong academic record.

Those who embrace new technologies and are hungry to learn.

Someone that is fluent in English.

Written by : Zeina Samaha 

proof read/edited by: Mia Malak

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