Top 5 Tips To Implement Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

Before I introduce you to powerful ways to implement gratitude into your daily life, we have to get clear on why gratitude is so important. To keep things short, Allah has literally said:

لَئِن شَكَرْتُمْ لَأَزِيدَنَّكُمْ ۖ

السورة ورقم الآية: إبراهيم (٧)

This means if you are thankful (for my blessings), I shall give you more (blessings).

So buckle up and get ready for some simple ways to boost your gratitude every day.

When you wake up and go to sleep:

Say: Thank you for the day.

So simple yet powerful to your cognitive mind. Make it a habit. Commit to this practice for three weeks, that’s 21 days. If you manage to perform for 90 days, giving gratitude every day will become part of your lifestyle. That’s the 21/90 rule of habits. 

When You Are Waiting In Line

Count your blessings.

Look around you and feel the air and the sounds. It’s so effortless to feel grateful for your organs and your brain, to feel thankful for being alive and for having something to wait for. You will feel so much better when you go to sleep.

When You Are Talking To People

Speak of the good and be cautious not to paint things going on in your life blue by force. There’s so much going on to feel thankful for, so why not have conversations about them? Talk about the good and the beautiful. You’ll feel amazing and deeply grateful.

When You Are Facing Hardship: Gratitude is Your Way Out

But things don’t always go uphill, remember, life is a rollercoaster. So when you go down a slope, be grateful because without the bad you wouldn’t recognize and appreciate the good. These tough situations are also helping you improve and be stronger, wiser and more flexible. Be grateful.

Now that was the “when”, what about the how? How can I practically implement gratitude into my day during these times?

The most simple answer would be: pray. No matter what your religion, I believe we always start off by expressing our deep gratitude. But besides that, you also want to be vocal about your gratitude and even note down in a journal everything you are grateful for. You can then use your scriptures to boost your mood when you are feeling not so fortunate.

I hope I’ve broken this topic for you in an easy way, that covers the spiritual as well as the worldly aspects of the matter.

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