One of the most misunderstood concepts in society is self-care. People consider “self-care” to be long showers, face masks, and spa days, however, it is way more than that. 

Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Waking up early, spending a couple of minutes alone, reading a book, drawing and exercising are all forms of self-care. 

There are 6 main types of self-care which are physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and sensual and all types are extremely important for a healthy well-being read more about it here. Once all are covered on a weekly basis then you will experience a very peaceful and happy life.

Some self-care examples are: 

  • Taking a walk 
  • Stretching
  • Reading a book 
  • Calling a friend
  • Drawing 
  • Meditating 
  • Cooking a simple meal 
  • Watching a movie 
  • Praying

Self-care is all about enjoying the little things in life and considering it a way of loving yourself. Appreciate and nourish every moment that you spend alone or with other people. Going with the flow and being positive is the best way to take care of yourself physically and mentally in terms of avoiding stress and relieving bad energy. Make the most out of your life as life is super short.

Written by: Sara Ayoub

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