A DAY IN A LIFE OF: a flight attendant

how would you describe the start of your day?

Well, it depends on the trip, so if I’m on a four day trip like I just was, I’d get ready, report to the airport, like an hour before the flight, I check-in, I meet the other flight attendants and discuss positions. We head over to the plane, do security checks, then we start boarding, get everyone seated, and we take off. Once we’re in the air, we start service. We sell certain items, such as alcohol, drinks, and things like that. When service is done, we collect any garbage anyone might have, then we turn to the guests as problems start to arise, or whatever the case is, so if somebody’s feeling ill, we take care of them or if there’s a medical emergency we give them some aid and we just take care of people during the flight until we land. Once we land we start to deplane the aircraft.

2. How many flights do you usually have per day?

We can have between 1 to 5 flights, per day, depending on the trip.

3. How far do your trips tend to be?

It can be from where I’m based in fort lauderdale, or it can be a four-day trip, where we go to multiple places and sleep in different cities.

4. Where do you stay when you have layovers?

So if we have a layover where, for example, I was laying over in Atlanta, we call the hotel to send us the hotel shuttle or the hotel van, then we get to the hotel, we check-in, then we head over to our room. I make sure to leave the door open while I check to make sure there’s nobody in my room, there’s no bed bugs or anything like that because sometimes the hotel can make a mistake and give us the key to someone else’s room. Once the room is clear, I close the door and start to relax, or depending on who’s with me, we might decide to go to dinner or go explore the city for example. Then we wake up and the hotel shuttle takes us back to the airport for our next day of work, and we kind of do it all over again but every day really varies depending on how many flights we have per day, where we’re going, where we’re laying over, how long the layover will be, and such. That’s pretty much it!

Written by: Malak El Dawy

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