Cairo’s Top 11 Must-Visit Spots to Welcome the New Year’s with Good Vibes!

New Year’s Eve might be after tomorrow, tomorrow or right now – depending on whenever you’re reading this! If you’ve heard that Cairo is a place with nothing to do, that’s a big fat lie. There’s nothing busier than Cairo on a night that marks the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. And now that the time has come to do that, we’ve compiled a selectively chosen list of places and concerts to visit and enjoy yourself all around Egypt!

1. Capital Business Park

At Capital Business Park in Egypt, the decorations are nothing but a divine masterpiece of Christmas. All the pictures, TikToks and remarkable memories are done there! As you meet up with friends and family, the wide array of restaurants and Cafés will surely tantalize your taste buds! Capital Business Park is not just a hangout spot – it’s a lively community where memories and fun come together. 

2. El-Korba


There’s no way to sugarcoat this but you’re not Egyptian if you don’t know El-Korba. Being the most famous neighbourhood, it mixes old stories with today’s vibes. On New Year’s Eve, you can stroll around, and you’ll feel like you’re in a place that’s both ancient and alive. The streets are jam-packed with cute shops and cafes everywhere. Not only that but also the buildings have intricate designs that will make it to your aesthetic highlights!

3. Walk of Cairo

Located in Sheikh Zayed City, which is one of the most elegant areas in Cairo, the Walk of Cairo offers a spacious and relaxing atmosphere for you to cool off after a tedious year. Although it is a shopping mall, it is more commonly known for its tranquil ambience that can keep you walking around for hours! So whether it’s a romantic partner or your bestie, the Walk of Cairo is the perfect spot in NYE for deep talks and walks about life and whatnot!

4. El Malahy

That was probably 2023’s most surprising gift for everyone who needs that invigorating rush of Adrenaline! If you would like to pamper the child within you and have them scream with joy as they fly through the air, El Malahy is the place. There, you will conquer your fear of heights and learn to embrace it too. And yes, this is a place for all ages so don’t worry about that!! 

5. InterContinental Cairo Semiramis

It does not matter if you’re Egyptian or not because we all equally love Egyptian music! So what better way to celebrate that other than booking your ticket to a concert teeming with Egyptian-only vibes and melodies?! With Wael Jassir, Pousi, Omar Kamal, Salma Adel, Mahmoud El Leithy and Dana joining the concert, a promising night of good music and heavy dancing awaits you.

6. Mövenpick Hotel Cairo – Media City

Here’s another concert if InterContinental Cairo’s concert was too far from you! This one is also hosting Pousi alongside some of Sha3by’s icons, including Omar Kamal, Diana and Salma Adel. Whether you’re a Sha3by fan or not, this concert will echo with music that will keep the crowd dancing wildly while creating a lively and vibrant spectacle.

7. Wadi Degla Protectorate

This one is for you nature-lovers! Wadi Degla Protectorate offers a mesmerising spot with rocky cliffs and cool trails, making it the ideal place for people who love embracing the beauty of nature. On NYE, if all you want is a simple and amazing escape from reality and its chaos, Wadi Degla Protectorate is the place to-go!

8. InterContinental Citystars Cairo

Now this branch of InterContinental Citystars Cairo is bringing along the biggest number of Egyptian Pop Music singers for a night to be remembered forever. Ranging from Medhat Saleh to Reda, Diana, El Capo Hamid Alshari, Muslim and Aya Abdalla, this concert is accompanying so many icons to connect with through their music!

9. Stage One Bar and Lounge, Conrad Cairo

This party is uniting some of the most musical icons in the Egyptian music industry: Ramy Raouf, Carol the Violinist and Tak Band. Through their upbeat vibes that will lift your spirits, any moment you will experience there will turn into a dance party. There, everything will only be about letting loose and enjoying the feel-good vibes.

10. Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

At first, you might find it hard to understand why everyone in Cairo calls it the most chic mall in Cairo, but after you visit, you’ll understand why! Clustered with elegant restaurants, the prices are not that expensive, but rather reasonable and fair. So if you thought your pockets would hurt on NYE because of a classy outing, you’re wrong! Arkan Plaza is here to prove otherwise.

11. A Felucca on The Nile

What better way to end the year than with Egypt’s traditional boat that has sailed the Nile River for many years?! As you breathe in the calm gust of the winds, your soul will be absolutely refreshed and ready to walk into the new year with tranquil vibes. Not only is the Felucca for the authentic Nile River experience, but it is a symbol of celebration and enjoyment! So if you were wondering where to celebrate that recent accomplishment, a Felucca is the perfect option!

Now you don’t have an excuse to stay in bed all night and binge-watch that show you were planning to binge! You have countless options to choose from, and each one carries a chain of memories for you to form. Remember, NYE is a time for you to let go of the past, enjoy the present and welcome the future with good vibes.

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