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A Blast to the Past: 4 Ways “Vintage” Is Dominating

In the everchanging pop culture scene, the term vintage has become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, vintage refers to something being not new, particularly referring to a style of the past. In pop culture today, it’s usually used to describe something that has elements from the past. What was once considered outdated or obsolete is suddenly deemed trendy and fashionable again. From fashion and music to technology and design, the nostalgic embrace of the good old days has given rise to a cultural loop that continually reinvents and reimagines the past.

Fashion’s Ongoing Affair with the Past

One of the most prominent ways we see the vintage influence is in the world of fashion. Styles that were once considered passé are now celebrated on runways and embraced by those who are fashion-forward. From bell-bottom jeans (apple bottoms, anyone?) to oversized denim jackets and jeans, to corsets and wearing ties as belts, I can only imagine fashion designers pulling catalogs from the 80s and 90s for inspiration today.

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The Revival of Vinyl and Analog Allure

Who needs newfangled Bluetooth speakers and Spotify subscriptions when you can listen to music on your very own vinyl records? Despite the convenience of digital music streaming, vinyls have made an amazing comeback (thanks to punk rock and indie fans). Audiophiles and casual listeners alike are drawn to the authenticity of analog sound, creating popularity for vinyl records even in today’s day and age. Even if you’re not into vinyl records, it’s still cool to be that person with a vinyl collection and a record player.

Technological Throwbacks

I missed it the first time around, so maybe now’s my time to own that hot pink Motorola flip phone. But seriously, lots of people are choosing to rewind their clocks and get their hands on classic polaroid cameras and video game consoles. While it may not be considered vintage yet, the Wii will always have a special place in my heart.


Timeless Furniture Design

You’ve probably seen at least one video on Instagram of somebody buying a piece of furniture from a thrift store and flipping it. Hopefully, they didn’t paint it white and strip it of its natural color. Whatever makes you happy, I guess. Old-fashioned furniture has come back in high demand, and for good reason too. Aside from it’s friendlier price tag compared to furniture today, old furniture was higher quality, made with better wood, and built to last. Personally, I bought a bookshelf last year and the back of it has completely fallen apart. I will definitely be buying all my furniture form antique and thrift shops in the future.

All in all, if we don’t get inspiration from the past, where do we get it from? I see vintage not as a memory, but an opportunity to reimagine what happened and give lost decades a fresh face. No matter where we go in the future, the past always lives within us.

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