Humble man tipping hat off to smaller shadow of him on wall

Man being Humble

A Humble Childhood: The Best Way to Grow Up

If the title shocked you, then keep reading. Obviously, I don’t mean everybody growing up should be subject to poverty or conditions that are inhumane, but I truly believe growing up humble is a gift.

In a society that’s fixated on flex culture and microtrends every 5 seconds, people are always wanting something, and becoming more and more materialistic. When you grow up modestly, you learn to appreciate certain things and learn some valuable lessons. Embracing humility can actually help you become more successful, here’s why.

Building a Strong Work Ethic


When you work hard for your money, you learn to appreciate it more. For example, you’re probably better at budgeting if you work full-time, than if you get a monthly allowance. Basically, working hard creates a strong work ethic and determination, which are great skills to have. Ever heard the term self-made millionaire, or stay humble? Same concept.

Valuing Effort and Achievements

When you’re humble, you appreciate the effort invested in success more, which makes accomplishments more meaningful and fulfilling. You understand the time and effort that has gone into this triumph.

Developing Resilience

When not everything is handed to you on a silver platter, you tend to build resilience, which provides you with the ability to face dilemmas with grace and bounce back stronger from life’s inevitable challenges.

Higher Empathy

Humble individuals who have faced disadvantages or challenges, are more likely to be empathetic to those who have shared similar experiences. Whether it’s cognitive, emotional, or compassionate empathy you are feeling towards that other person, you are being empathetic, creating a bond between the two of you.

While the title of this article may have caught you off guard, I hope you understand the point I’m trying to get across. People should not grow up poor, underprivileged, or neglected in any way, shape, or form, but they should also not grow up spoiled and expect to be handed everything they need in life on a silver platter.

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