Barista Fox Pop-up at Café Kitsuné delivers fun vibes, aesthetics and excitement

Uthhub visited the Barista Fox pop-up at Café Kitsuné, and it was an exciting night of good food, good vibes and good music. The Barista Fox pop-up had calm vibes with music echoing, smiles and chattering around the room. Everyone was snapping photos of the gorgeous café and tasting the eclectic dishes.


Part of Café Kitsuné had transformed into an aesthetic sage green and white checked stage with a display of their brand new unique branded merch. As entertainment, DJ Parvane delivered ambient techno music. When I walked in, it was a slice of French-inspired interior, with a modern touch that gave a very cosy feeling. The warm beige, orange and green tones created a calm, charming look.

The atmosphere was a casual dining experience but with an elevated touch of something different in the café scene, with the menu being an innovative mix of Japanese and French fusion, an ode to the chef’s multicultural heritage. There’s something for everyone, with the inspiration behind the menu being to serve universal food that showcases the international scene in Dubai. You’ll definitely find the food you know and love, with some signature dishes like their popular Sandos served alongside everyday breakfast meals. You can enjoy brunch all day with delicious beloved breakfast favourites like avocado toast and French toast. If you enjoy trying out more adventurous dishes, you can try out their mix of sandwiches.

Café Kitsune’s new menu

Their extensive menu of matcha-infused drinks and pastries delight all matcha lovers. Café Kitsuné’s new matcha menu offers creamy, rich, earthy matcha that has an authentic taste; the iced matcha and hot matcha latte I tried is a smooth, refreshing bittersweet matcha. Some of their pastries are a delicious blend of matcha and other ingredients, with the matcha éclair being a soft bite of sugary creaminess accompanied by the mellow grassy matcha flavour.

One thing that was evident from the dishes is that there’s heart and attention behind the food, with exceptionally fast service as well. The cosy café was bustling on a Friday night with many customers and a waiting queue of expectant guests. Since it opened its doors earlier this year, Café Kitsuné has been a Dubai hotspot. The café has an aesthetic warm interior, picturesque backdrops and unique branding reflected in the dishes and drinks. Amidst the packed and busy tables, the night went smoothly. I received superb service, with the staff serving with warmth and efficiency.

I looked through the merchandise selection alongside the fantastic food and drinks. Café Kitsuné delivered a variety of merch products, including hydro flasks, coffee mugs, notebooks, travel mugs, and clothing items, with the adorable Parisian Barista fox on most of the merch. They also had staple clothing pieces like shirts on offer.

Everything about the setup blended together to give off an experience that delivered the overall vibe of the café. It’s a place to chill with your friends, snap a few Insta-worthy photos and enjoy their diverse menu. At the end of the night, guests were walking out with smiles after enjoying the delectable dishes paired with the refreshing selection of drinks. If you’re looking for something exciting and new to try in Dubai, definitely give this café a visit.

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