Back To School season; best hacks and techniques for studying

Back-to-school season is upon us, and I can already sense the stress everywhere. And to
be frank, as of lately, everyone has been on social media a lot, which very negatively
affects our attention span, which definitely makes it harder to sit down and have a proper
studying session without being distracted every minute or so.
So here are my golden tips, hacks, and techniques to help you absorb knowledge in a
faster, better way.

First off, if we’re talking about times management, I find that the Pomodoro technique is
the best and most effective method. It encourages you to work within the time you have,
rather than struggle against it. You will finish each day with a sense of accomplishment
by doing nothing more than working in 25-minute blocks followed by 5-minute breaks.
The Pomodoro technique is simple, yet very effective.

Secondly, take notes!! It helps so so much when it comes to memorizing information
(bonus points if you have colorful stationery pens). Note-taking helps you stay alert,
engages your mind, and it also keeps the information organized.
Creating a schedule also helps a ton, but you need to create a realistic one, not stuff a
bazillion tasks into an hour. If you do that you’ll end up demotivated and get nothing
done. Also, making a to-do list and crossing stuff off after you’re done with them makes
you feel so accomplished.

You could create a separate space for studying. I’m sure you really like your bed and your
living room couch, but to be most effective you need your study space to be separate
from where you spend your free time. Another thing is that you could go to a coffee shop,
or a co-working space if you get bored of your at-home study space.

You just need some willpower and belief in yourself that you can do it. Remember to not
put too much on yourself and that it’s ok to take a break, no one is perfect. Not everything
is about grades and they most definitely don’t define who you are as a person.
Good luck !!!

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