Best studying Sites online

I understand that studying can be difficult at times, almost overwhelming, but managing with online sites, helpful YouTube videos, and motivational characters that we watch throughout our lives makes it all much easier. Here are some sites that i found to be extremely useful.

1. I miss my Cafe

It has a lot of of sound effects you can use while studying, you can choose the setting and also you can connect to your own Spotify account.

2. Virtual Cottage

3. LifeAt

You can choose the timing of your study session, you can choose the workspace you want to study at and also the music you want to hear during this session.

4. I miss my library

You can add your tasks and check them out when you’re done.

These sites have helped me personally a lot through my daily life studying session, it makes me relaxed and more focused on studying rather than wasting time doing anything else.

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