Football Star Ashraf Hakimi’s Wife Files for Divorce and Demands Half of His Property Yet Court Reveals Shocking Truth!

Only after three years of marriage, Hiba Abouk, the wife of Moroccan Soccer Player Ashraf Hakimi, was astonished to uncover a seemingly hidden truth during their dire separation. With her recurrent statements elaborating upon the reasons behind their divorce, it was evident that the separation was highly expected – particularly, when the heinous allegations against Hakimi were brought under the spotlight for sexual assault and rape.


Hakimi’s Wealth is not his!

As their relationship descended to a final end, Hiba Abouk attempted to seize half of the assets and wealth of the Moroccan international but solely to be appalled to find out that the player had nothing in his name. In fact, a great percentage of his income was placed under his mother’s name: precisely, 80% of the €1 Million from PSG that Hakimi receives monthly is deposited in his mother’s, Mrs Fatima, account.

A Son’s Love

Though it appeared as a brilliant revelation to the public, it was undeniable that Hakimi’s adoration and love for his mother were imbued within the very essence of his soul. In multiple interviews and events, the Soccer Player spoke about his mother’s role in his life and the magnitude of her influence on his career as a player from the beginning of his professional career until now.

What now?

In spite of the revolutionary discovery, the legal team of the Spanish actress shall be keen to obtain sufficient support in order to cover the needs and wants of the two children she gave birth to during her marriage to Hakimi in 2020 and 2022. Until then, another accusation is brought into profound consideration, where the prominent star had been inculpated of assaulting a woman that he invited to his home during his family’s stay in Dubai.

Heretofore, an investigation had been launched recently digging after the star’s actions. Shall the renowned celebrity be brought to justice like his fellow symbols of the elite or is he as innocent as claimed?

Keep an eye out for very soon updates!

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