All you need to know about drifting competitions (for beginners )

When I say ‘drifting’ I mean the practice of sliding a rear-wheel-drive car through a corner or series of corners. You can technically drift a four-wheel-drive car too, although this is more commonly regarded as power sliding.

Semantics aside, at some point or another you’ll have seen it on TV, in films, the inter-web, and photos.
But seriously, what is it really about?

how can I participate?

Drifting competitions happen 4-5 times per year, anyone can join a race but you have to have a license. all you have to do is check the Facebook page of any agency you want, wait for the event date and sign up to participate in the contest and you’re in! ( yes its much easier than you think)

which agency should I choose?

people normally visit @revitup_drifting_competition and @redbullegypt when looking for competitions to participate in.

1. We asked some racers about tips they want to give to beginners:what do you think the best car to drift with is?

A BMW e30 with m62b44 (v8 engine)

2. what is a Racer’s worst fear?
That the car breaks down at the middle of the rale

3. what is one tip you would give to anyone interested in drifting?
Train in an empty place, not in regular streets to avoid accidents

finally, as Steve McQueen said:

“Racing is Life, everything before or after is just waiting”

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