A Day in a life of a: small business owner

Raghad who’s a senior, currently doubling as a business owner of eartinhd Is here to share with us what a

day in the life looks like for her.

On a typical day, Raghad would wake up at around 8 am to attend her online classes which usually last

up until 2pm, in which she usually has about 2 breaks to freshen up in between classes, which add up to

about 45 minutes in total. Raghad attempts to make the most out of those 45 minutes she gets by

answering people’s DMs about her business on Instagram and Tik Tok alike. Other times she also uses

this time to further publicize her platform via a post or a story.

Once her classes are over for the day, Raghad gives herself a space of about 3 hours to do whatever her

heart desires, be that taking a nap, or relaxing for a little, “It’s important to take breaks for your mental


At around 5:30 pm Raghad takes it upon herself to package some orders, how does the process

commence? She starts by writing down the customers’ details, ranging from their names to their

location, etc. and then she adds the products they chose and the total product prices and writes all of

that information on a piece of paper.

To Document her packaging process, she uses Tik Tok with a suitable background sound. Such an approach is perfect for Raghad, as it brings a lot of traffic to her page. The documentation includes making the actual product, to packing it and every single step in between. Making the earrings and sanitizes them once she’s finished making them and finally adds them to the business card and add it to the plastic bag that’s supposed to transfer the product in and eventually bubble-wraps them and puts them inside the bags provided by the shipping company she works with, awaiting Thursday of each week to ship all of her products in one batch. The whole process would usually take about 5 hours, per each 6 orders.

The hardest part of the day for Raghad is double-checking all of the information and details of each product.

As soon as that process is quickly wrapped up, she gets her journal in which she keeps tabs of invoices and receipts and all the different means of financial information, in other words, profit, loss, pricing of shipping and packaging and so on and so forth. That way she could assess if her business has been a success in that particular point in time or if it was a net loss.

Written by: Mia Malak

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