A collaboration of talent and creativity ; “Eid Bala Qyoud” Music Video

Famous Saudi Arabian artist Ayed Yousef has teamed up with the talented Qatari artist Hamad Al Khazinah to deliver a lively Eid song called Eid Bala Qyoud. This significant collaboration you’ll love is a fusion of different talents and cultures. It’s going to be released during Eid-al-Fitr. Eid Bala Qyoud is a rhythmic, dynamic new song originally crated by a collection of talent from the Arab region.

You can expect a brilliantly produced music video with fantastic background music, vivid colours and a liveliness that will keep you hooked when watching. The combination of a great music video and song brings up the anticipation for Eid Bala Qyoud. It’s a highly recommended listen for all Arab music lovers when it debuts over Eid-al-Fitr. This song is a part of the Lost Chapter of Kelileh & Demneh universe. This creative, vibrant musical spectacle is loved by many after its successful reception at the AFC Asian Cup opening ceremony.

Creative talent behind the music video

Ayed Yousef, who is one of the singers is a well-known and loved Arab artist within the MENA Region, with his music streams reaching over 300 million views on the YouTube platform. He has three albums released with over fifty songs. In previous work, he has worked with very talented professionals within the music industry, and this new song is no exception, with a highly skilled team behind the music.

Behind the scenes is a team of talented people who worked on the track, bringing in some of the best names in the Arab world. Some of the talented personnel involved in the production are director Ahmed Al Baker, lyricist Humaid Al Belushi and Egyptian songwriters and composers Ehab Abdelwahed and Nader Hamdy.


In addition to the highly skilled team, the production company behind the music is the critically acclaimed Katara Studios, which is based in Doha, Qatar and promotes creative Arab music. Katara Studios is loved because of its ability to bring together original, modern music while giving the spotlight to homegrown talent. A by-product of this is the amazing music, one of the songs being Eid Bala Qyoud.

You can expect a creative mix of originality from this new project, which incorporates compelling sounds and music alongside a high-quality produced music video. Listeners will be engrossed by the catchy music and well-developed visuals in the music videos. If you’re interested in listening, it will be readily available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube music, Amazon Music and Shazam.

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