5 things YOU should know before starting a small business!

Hi there! My name is Raghad! I’m a 16-year-old that has just started a business on Instagram where I sell unique earrings called @eartings.ae! Now I’ve collaborated with @uthhub to list 5 things YOU should know before starting a small business!

1. Planning is the easiest part!

Even though planning is a loooonnnggg process: from finding the best wholesale prices to packaging, and finding the best shipping company for you! You’re going to run into all kinds of issues throughout your business journey and it’s 100% guaranteed going to be difficult, but you have always got to remember that it’s almost always temporary, and of course staying positive

is always a bonus

2. Shipping stuff can be complicated!

Shipping problems never end when you’re working with the wrong company, I’ve had companies lose my packages and deliver them to the wrong address all the time! and are just not ideal for a small business like yours! So, here’s a list of companies that are the best when it comes to shipping:

1. @firstflightme (if you have a license you can get 20 AED per shipment in the UAE)

2. @bananaexpressdubai (very communitive and trustful, they’re based in Dubai too!)

3. @safe_arrival (overall really great in every aspect)

4. @perfect_ae (great prices but you’re have to call them if you have any questions or updates on the delivery)

3. Having a business account is key!

Having an Instagram business account is a game changer especially when opening a business as you can see the average time people look at your account and the age of your customers.Knowing these analytics will help you know when to post and what to sell in the future. There’s also a feature where your messages are divided into general and primary which can help divide orders and just general enquiry, especially if you confirm orders through DMs.

4. Customers can be rude sometimes…

I use Tiktok and Instagram to advertise and manage my business and although most of my customers are really supportive and cute, I’ve had people DM me just to say I’m a rip-off, I’ve had customers who were forcibly asking for free items and get mad if I haven’t replied in an hour or so, and I’ve had a lot of comments on TikTok telling me that my products are weird and that I should stop selling. I have learned to appreciate my customers and focus on the positive and I’ve gotten used to interacting with all different types of people throughout my business journey and appreciating that they’re helping me cross over this learning curve.

5. You’re going to meet very motivated and interesting personalities throughout your journey!

During my short 4-month journey of planning and launching my first drop, I have met incredible people from customers to other business owners to great informative and inspiring Instagram accounts like uthhub. I always love meeting new people and having a business account really helps you explore various aspects of having a small business like working with other accounts and meeting people you would’ve never met if you didn’t open a business.

Thank you guys for reading. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to DM me or email me, you can find my email on my Instagram @eartings.ae

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