3 youth based local brands you should check out

1) lapalettedefarah

La Palette aims to raise awareness about the power of one. they try to encourage people to cut down their plastic wastes by using tote bags instead of plastic ones and stand up against fast-fashion by up cycling their old clothes into wearable art that reflects their personality also the packaging is 100% recyclable

2) goose_eg

It all started in April 2020 when 3 teenagers (Mohamed Sherif ,Dania El-Hariry &Bassel Ehab)

were in full lockdown and started thinking about making street wear and oversized apparel more convenient in egypt. They wanted to make everything as hand-made as possible. At first making their own T-shirts was a challenge, but after studying the process, learning about all the possible outcomes and avoiding errors it was made possible.

Even though they are facing many challenges because of many experienced, older people in the market, they’ve been working as hard as they can to give the best results.

3) inspo.by.z

Zeina Basem, a person who’s very into art, she studied art at school and will now study it as my major at university, many close friends saw the potential she had and with some encouragements from them she started @inspo.by.z at the beginning it was so hard, as it was still very raw and it was kind of difficult to deliver the idea of upcycling Egypt as well as delivering the many endless ideas was not an easy process and it still isn’t, but now things got a little bit easier thankfully and the page is really growing on her more and more by the day now.

her goal is to let her concept reach the biggest audience and to actually make a difference with her customers and help them make use of their worn out clothes in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

interviewed/written by: maya darwish & mia malak

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