5 places you can study at

Blooms and beans

if you need a heart-warming place full of greens & boho style design to chill while studying, so that’s so perfect for you especially if you’re one of El-Sheikh Zayed residents. You can find it at Arkan Plaza, Phase 2

Tree trunk

finding those places with vintage style, full of quotes, Old staff & the calm voice of Fairuz once you enter is really rare. But here it is. Best place to get out of exams stress and watch the beautiful architecture of El Korba, Masr El Gdeeda.

30 North – Garden 8

if you’re addicted to coffee to have a fresh mind for studying, so here you’ll find the best coffee in town & also the best mood to finish your tasks or listen to your lecture in a morning date for yourself. Easy to find on your maps at Garden 8 Mall, First New Cairo.

Arom working space

Here you can take full room for yourself to finish your final project, also make memories with your team at a very simple & cute decorations with very reasonable price. It’s located at El Ismailya square, Masr El Gdeeda.

Soul Lounge

The vibes of the place is always the best for studying, to sit on your couch and have your hot drink. Your lazy comfy seat is here for you at soul lounge in El Maadi.

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