5 Local Brands We Absolutely Love

The local brands that scream UTH

Supporting local brands currently is a must, not just for the boycott and the convenient prices, but also because it’s the ideal option for casual daily looks.

Sass. eg

local brands

When craving artistic hippy casual outfits in local brands, Sass should be one of the first local chances you obtain. Besides the impressive quality and the reasonable prices, Sass offers a variety of vibrant colorful items that give you a special artistic sense of style. they offer a variety of trendy tops, pullovers, and a huge collection of hippy jeans.


Yeah, nothing new when local brands make hoodies or oversized clothes generally, but Asli is the one of a kind local brand mixing simplicity and uniqueness for an easy fit. When searching for an exceptional piece for every day, Asli offers new design ideas, rich quality, and Bohemian artistic pieces of oversized hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans.

Simply Sesh

Since we all struggle with the boycott of our favourite skin care products, Simply Sesh is the whole package local brand for your daily skincare routine. They offer all you need from eye creams to moisturizers with perfect quality and local brands’ prices. Personally, we in Uthhub use Sesh products and recommend them. From a skincare enthusiast to another, there’s no regret here.

HK Designs

 HK is a local brand that has achieved the complex equation of modesty, simplicity, and elegance. If you’re not that into streetwear and crave a more lady look every day, HK offers a huge collection of modest and chic kimonos, satin dresses, and all about satin. Even their casual pieces are distinguished with vibrant colors and cozy, comfy vibes. The lady vibe is even achieved in their oversized hoodies. Their items can be the full package for your Ramadan nights. 

The Stahps

It’s all about denim. The denim look is a vintage that comes back and never gets old! In their brand new local brand, our beloved Aya Ibrahim and Yasser Ahmed offer a special collection of trendy but comfy denim quarter zips, jackets, and jeans with extraordinary quality. We’re already in love and excited about their summer collection!

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