Local youth-led brands to buy from to your your summer game

In the past years, Egyptian youth have gone above and beyond creating innovative brands with products for all of us to enjoy. These businesses are comparable to world renowned global brands, AND you get a product made sustainably with love and consideration. Honestly, it’s a win-win situation!

This summer, instead of relying solely on your usual global brands for your summer essentials, check out these amazing brands! Surely something will be perfect for you and make your summer even more enjoyable. 



Totelly is an aesthetic tote bag shop offering countless types and shapes of tote bags, and more recently, printed t-shirts. They pride themselves in being a slow fashion brand prioritizing authenticity, as they make sure to create every tote bag with love and with a story behind it. Their totes are also just very trendy and can elevate your outfit, while also helping you carry your everyday essentials. Whether you’re going to the beach and need somewhere to put your sunscreen and sunglasses, among other things, or going out with friends or family and want to look cool and mysterious, Totelly has got your back!


Myne is a contemporary womenswear brand that puts major efforts into being sustainable and caring for the environment. Not only that, but the variety of clothes they offer is impressive; from beach coverups and lightweight kimonos to gorgeous summer dresses, skirts and  fashionable two piece sets, Myne makes sure that you are looking your best outside the beach, while also being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Guilt free shopping at its finest if you ask me! Surely, this has made Myne very successful in their field, as they have been featured in CairoScene, CairoEast, CairoWest, Identity Magazine and even Elle Arabia!



If you’re looking to upgrade and diversify your wardrobe, Maya has your back! They have got it all, from crop tops to cargo pants, to shorts. The Maya brand is all about diversity and being bold, strong and making a statement with every outfit you wear. If that sounds like the vibe you’re going for this summer, Maya is the brand for you this summer to help you thrive.


FUFA is an authentic brand inspired by the beauty of Egyptian nature and culture. It was founded by Farah El Ashiry AKA Fufa in 2014, after studying Marketing in AUC and letting her passion for fashion take over. She had always been inspired by the diversity of Egyptian culture and relating it to fashion, as she had already started her own clothing business during university, calling it “Bent el Balad” which translates to “Local girl”. Farah makes sure that her love for Egyptian culture manifests itself into the FUFA brand, making it authentic. Not only that, but the brand is also 100% sustainable, as they make sure to use ethical sources. FUFA has everythiing you might want to wear this summer on beachy days as well as other days. They offer a great variety of exceptional and unique clothing. With FUFA, it would be as though you are wearing a piece of Egypt’s deep-rooted culture.


2oolameme is a card game featuring all our favorite Egyptian memes. It was co-founded by Sarah Abuelkheir and two of her friends during quarantine, and it has been a massive hit. Since then, they have also created two more games. Sarah is an architect who just got her master’s degree from Columbia University in New York City, which is impressive as she pursued her education while also keeping her entrepreneurial spirit alive! The game itself is made of two different types of cards, the situations and the memes. The judge of the game pulls a meme card and the rest of the people playing must find the funniest situation for it. The person with the funniest card gets the point. It is a perfect game to play with family and friends anywhere, whether it be sitting at home, in a cafe, or on the sand at the beach with the sound of your laughter drowning out the sound of the waves crashing in the background.


Any outfit can be 10x better when you add jewelry to it. There’s just something that a necklace can do to an outfit that transforms it. If you’re looking for THE jewelry piece that can make your outfit stand out, Terra is the place to go. Terra has a selection of colorful necklaces, earrings, bracelets that are perfect for the summer this year, which is all about bright colors and standing out. Terra has a variety of styles, so if you’re looking for something more simple and subtle, you can also find that.

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