4 ways Tiktok’s creating a safer space on the web.


TikTok, an app millions of people use globally, has announced some new rules and regulations to keep everyone safe on the web. TikTok is an app where content creators are free to explore their creativity and share their content with millions of people around the globe. The online platform wants creators to expand their creativity but is also very cautious of any potential danger and harm that can be caused on the online platform. 

 There have been some new updates to the Community Guidelines in an effort to increase overall transparency and help content creators become fully aware of the new rules in place and their account status, which will cause some changes on the platform. Read this article to find out some essential information you need to know about these new changes. 

1. Tiktok rules are here to create a positive space

The Community Guidelines establish what is appropriate for Tiktok, fostering a healthy and positive environment. Starting next month, the new change has polished definitions and more in-depth information about Tiktok’s rules, such as rules around hate speech and health misinformation. In addition, to keep everyone safe, there’s more moderation of accounts. 

To ensure safety accounts that regularly violate the For You standards will not be recommended for a short while, making it more difficult for them to be discovered. Everything involves transparency, with content creators being notified when their account has been restricted, and the opportunity for an appeal is available. 

2. Tiktok is giving creators information and various tools to navigate this change 

To give creators a chance to understand the rules, Tiktok will issue a first warning when a creator breaks the community guidelines in place, which will not be recorded, but any future guidelines violations will be permanently recorded. The video owners will be informed about what rule they have violated. If there’s been an accident, they are open to appeal. However, accounts will be immediately banned for more severe offences like zero-tolerance policies such as incitement to violence, ensuring total safety. 

3. Better account checking tools are being introduced

TikTok is introducing an account check tool that ensures creators can have an overview of their account status. This way, creators can check if they follow all the guidelines and any potential restrictions due to violations. This new development follows the account status page introduced last year, which gives content creators insight into their content and online behaviour, which may affect their allowances on the platform and if they can appeal. 

4. A new TikTok Creator Code Of Conduct 

A new TikTok creator code of conduct for any online creator involved in TikTok programs will be followed strictly in the upcoming weeks. Taking part in these programs requires responsibility from all parties, and this code ensures that everyone meets the standards involved for safety. 

All these new rules and regulations will create a better and safer online platform for everyone to share and interact with content freely. I hope this article has informed you more about the new decisions Tiktok has made. 

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