2023 Spotify Wrapped: Here Is Everything You and the Countries Around Probably Listened To.

Now that the year is almost coming to a graceful end, the anticipated 2023 Spotify Wrapped is here and what better way to celebrate this news than sharing the most compelling analysis of everything you and the people around you heard? Brace yourselves, Spotify and music enthusiasts because it is time to immerse yourself into the vibrant exhibition of your year in review.

This year’s Wrapped will be a phenomenal celebration of the real, the realer, and the realest music moments that have shaped and created our experiences throughout this heck of a year.

On Wednesday, November 29, at 5 PM Dubai Time, Spotify unveiled an awe-inspiring showcase of the top artists, albums, songs, and podcasts that have completely interpreted the way more than 574 million Spotify fans globally have enjoyed and discovered music in 2023.

Prepare to be captivated as Spotify’s comprehensive analysis takes you on a clear journey through the soundtrack of your life. From chart-topping anthems to hidden gems, from addictive podcasts to groundbreaking albums, Spotify Wrapped 2023 promises to offer an unparalleled glimpse into the essence of your musical preferences and audio consumption habits.

As Spotify Wrapped 2023 eagerly awaits to uncover the musical wonders that have accompanied you on your journey through the year, we thought it would be best to show you who are the top artists (alongside their songs) that revolutionized our 2023. Starting off with Egypt, the home of art and culture around the world, the most viral songs you’ve definitely heard on a radio or a TikTok video are from there – especially if you’re an Egyptian!

CairokeeBasrah w Atooh
Mohammed SaeedAlo Aleky
Essam Sasaمسا مني ليكوا
Abd El Basset Hamouda, Ali Rabee, Hamdy Batshan, Hassan El Kholaey, Mahmoud El Leithy, Ososسطلانة
Ahmed Saadاختياراتي – من فيلم مستر إكس
Lege-CyMsh Da Elle Ekhtarto

Moving on to KSA, the charts are surprisingly sentimental and love-themed! Finishing off the year with a handful of profound emotions is never bad! Considering Cigarettes After Sex has appeared with a staggering number of 4 on the charts, we can tell that KSA really had a rough time. But what better way to cope other than Taylor Swift?!

girl in redwe fell in love in october
Cigarettes After SexApocalypse
Arctic MonkeysI Wanna Be Yours
New WestThose Eyes
Taylor Swiftaugust
Cigarettes After SexKeep on Loving You
Cigarettes After SexHeavenly
d4vdHere With Me
Cigarettes After SexCry
Taylor SwiftEnchanted

Finishing off with the most awaited chart of all, the UAE was probably the most diverse out of all! From hip-hop to R&B alongside other genres, the listeners definitely must’ve gone through a lot of change. A surprisingly new song on the list is ‘Kahani Suno 2.0’ which was sung by the talented Kaifi Khalil! Have you personally listened to it before?

Jung Kook, LattoSeven (feat. Latto) (Explicit Ver.)
Miley CyrusFlowers
Taylor Swiftaugust
Central Cee, DaveSprinter
d4vdHere With Me
Ariana Grande, The WeekndDie For You (with Ariana Grande) – Remix
Billie EilishWhat Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”]
Kaifi KhalilKahani Suno 2.0
21 Savage, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd Creepin’

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