15 Best Snacks Every College Student Should Have In Their Dorm Room

Snacks in the dorm room can be a lifesaver as a college student if you don’t have access to full meals for any reason or if you just need a pick-me-up between classes. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Protein Bars


Simple and nutritious, it’s the perfect way to get a satisfying bite in during a study session or between meals, they’re good if you’re on the go, too!

2. Rice cakes

Shelf-stable and low calorie, rice-cakes are a great base for a variety of toppings. Make it savory or sweet, it’s all up to preference and your creativity.

3. Dates

Perfect for your sweet tooth, dates are a great snack which are sure to give you a boost of energy through the day.

4. Instant noodles

The iconic one-pot snack or meal, celebrated by college students internationally, instant noodles are the perfect way to get food in your system for those long nights of studying or even throughout the day.

5. Nuts

A variety of nuts can be a great snack especially for dorm rooms as they can be stored at room temperature, not to mention the health benefits.

6. Gummies

No matter the type, gummies can be a great chewy snack for throughout the day. Just make sure to not take more than the recommended dose of your gummies if they have vitamins or melatonin.

7. Biscuits

These can be both sweet and savory, a crunchy way to satisfy your hunger!

8. Canned soups/fruit, veg and beans

Canned foods are great for college students as they’re shelf-stable and just need a microwave to heat up, or eat cold if its canned fruit.

9. Grocery store sandwiches/wraps

Grab some sandwiches from your nearest grocery store and keep them in stock for when you need something to tide you over.

10. Ready to cook pasta

Make sure to keep a box or two of ready to cook pastas as the addition of a simple sauce can result in a quick meal for yourself or to share.

11. Chips

A packet of chips are the perfect grab and go snack. Whether its Lays or your local brand, for you or to share, make sure to keep some ready in case of a food emergency.

12. Instant oats

When a full batch of oats is too much to prepare, pre-flavored instant oats come to the rescue!

13. Nut butters

A great combination with crackers or fresh fruit, nut butters are delicious way to get your healthy fats in.

14. Trail mix

In lieu of the previous suggestions, having some dry trail mix can be great to store for those hungry days or college road trips with friends.

15. Freeze dried fruit

Freeze dried fruit and vegetables are another nutritious snack for on the go.

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