Going Crazy Over The Soon 2024 College Applications? We Have You Covered.

Everyone -whether you were an A+ student or the IDC student- went through the horrifyingly great pressure of college application season! Being the end of a 12+ year old journey, the process may be as emotionally draining as ‘successful’ as it may sound, which is why you should grab paper and pen if you are a to-be victim of the process because our list is quite lengthy.

Dream College? Check ✅

Before I say anything, I absolutely and whole-heartedly mean it when I say your dream college is more than possible and attainable. If you set your mind and weave passion into everything you do, then expect nothing but pure greatness – which is most definitely why the very first tip on the list would be to dream big. You have worked harder than ever so setting those goals won’t be such an arduous task. As soon as you have those goals pinned on that Pinterest board or written somewhere in your Notes app, you have completed the first step.

Work Smarter. Never Harder.

In order to work smarter and not harder, have time as your utmost priority. Take the summer break as time to find out what exactly you need to do when college application season is around – have the ‘exploration’ phase out of the way. Once you have done that, watch a couple of past ‘tutorials’ online that thoroughly guide you through the process. While doing that, avoid the general videos and seek ones which are complementary to your choices!



No matter how strong or weak your extra-curricular activities are, your college essay hols supreme power over practically every other aspect of your application. Frankly, it is the only element which provides a precise insight into who you are as a person. Hence, spend the time trying to pinpoint a particular event where you were shaped definitively as a person. Just when you figure out those sentimental times, try developing them into a strong ‘Why you’ essay (keep it less than 650 words)!


Without breaks, you will break. You surely don’t want a burnout a couple of weeks before the time when you are supposed to shine? Perhaps, spend your breaks surfing the internet for vlogs that showcase your dream uni life! Not only will that be entertaining but also a beacon of unyielding motivation.

Know Your Worth.

There is no better way to finish off this list other than coercing you to acknowledge your self-worth. Undoubtedly, the process is not only long but quite draining too and if you base your worth based on the result, you will not come out alive. So not only would you have drained yourself but also your confidence…With a process that is inconsistent and untrustworthy like that, you need to learn to love yourself so that you are proud of the result no matter what.

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