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15 Romantic Long Distance Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Long distance relationships might be cities, even countries apart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time together! We know it can be tough to find things to do together, but that’s why we’ve compiled a list of long-distance date ideas to keep the fun times rolling. Even if you’re not in a long-distance relationship, some of these ideas could be fun to do at some point too!

Virtual Movie Night: Grab your popcorn and pajamas, start a movie at the same time, and share your real-time reactions on video call. Whether it’s a rom-com or a horror movie, enjoy your time together.

Online Cooking: Gather your ingredients, get out your pots and pans, and pick a recipe together. You’ll both have the experience of cooking together and (hopefully) enjoying a delicious meal.

Game On, Lovebirds!: If you’re into games of any sort, pick an online one to play together. Whether it’s a battle royale or a trivia game, you’re bound to find something you both like. For some extra fun, challenge the loser to some sort of dare.

Virtual Book Club: Pick a book to add to both your reading lists and choose to read a couple chapters every couple weeks. Update each other and start a mini book club every month!

Draw Each Other: Get on a video call, grab a pen and paper, or brush and canvas, and draw each other! It doesn’t have to be good, but you’ll have the memory of doing this together!

Order Each Other’s Favorite Dish: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and so is the way to mine. If you can, order each other a dish you know they love through an ordering app, and watch their faces light up as the doorbell rings. It’s a way to show love, to show you know the other person, and more importantly, to get a delicious dinner. You may be in a long-distance relationship, but your stomachs aren’t.

Starry Night: Grab a blanket, set up your video call, and watch the stars twinkle simultaneously. I think there’s something very intimate about watching the stars together. No matter the distance, you’re still seeing the same stars.

Playlist Trading: Create playlists that tell your long-distance love story. Whether it’s sweet ballads or foot-tapping classics, sharing your musical tastes will hit all the right notes.

Globe-Trotting from Home: Jet-set across the globe without leaving your room! Research a dreamy destination, share travel fantasies, and swap stories of your virtual adventures.

Write Each Other Letters/Stories: Go back and forth writing a story and see where the plot takes you (which I think is a fun game to play with anyone) or if you think you’re quite the romantic, write each other love letters. This is a great bonding activity that you can get a lot of laughs and love out of.

Karaoke: Sing your hearts out with a virtual karaoke showdown. Bonus points if you attempt a serenade that’ll leave your partner blushing.

Pillow Talk: Sketch out your future together by discussing your goals and aspirations. Talk about where you think you’ll be in 5 years. (Hopefully still not long-distance) What’s your wedding going to look like? Your dream house? Let your imaginations run wild.

Explore Mother Nature: Take each other on a virtual outdoor escapade. Hike up a mountain, relax on a beach, or explore a forest – all while sharing the beauty of nature through your screens.

Couple Trivia: Show off your knowledge with a friendly trivia challenge. Uncover hilarious childhood stories, personal quirks, and hidden talents you may have never known existed.

Sunrise/Sunset Date: Set your alarms for a sunrise or sunset date. (Or both if your time zones are far apart enough!) Watch the sky change colors together, and let the magic of the moment bring you closer than reality permits.

In the grand tale of long-distance love, distance is just a minor detail. If you want to make it work, it will. Relationships take effort, but you have to make sure you’re still taking care of yourself. It can get tough at times, but with these date ideas, you’ll bridge the gap and create unforgettable memories, no matter how far apart you may be

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