Valentine’s day wrapped: 3 ways to make it perfect

Welcome to “it” -where everything is wrapped in bloody red, but not in a horrific way…well, not entirely in the very least. Whether you are single or dating -or even involved in a “situationship”- it is always unnerving when Valentine’s Day comes rolling into our lives. The singles worry about surviving the day, and the couples worry about making a perfect day out of the 14th of Feb. Now there are certain ways that singles could make the best out of a day made for couples.

Here’s how to have it wrapped

1. Do not look up that ex/ crush

Especially if they are involved with someone… When that time of the year comes, everyone is overwhelmed by the need to know what has been up with their ex or crush. You want to see if they are dating someone or posting hints of that online, and then a cycle of stalking begins. That is where you must stop; the 14th could already feel a little too hard already, so you do not need extra weight as a wrapped gift.

2. Keep yourself busy

You do not have to go on a date to enjoy a day; no, you do not have to dive into a self-love frenzy as a distraction. You could keep yourself busy by doing everything that makes you feel connected to yourself, whether it is a hobby like painting or an activity like running. Get to it, do it, and keep yourself motivated, ensuring you enjoy the day. And there is no shame in buying yourself a wrapped gift to keep yourself feeling loved; self-love is true love too!


3. Keep the faith

It is easy to think that it could never happen to you. You know, the whole falling head over heels for someone in a way that makes so much sense and yet drives you crazy all at the same time. It is easy to feel miserable and lose faith in how the pieces of your life shall eventually fall into place, but they do. The pieces fall into place and become pieces of a bigger picture in which you are always where you are supposed to be. It is easy to feel discouraged when it seems like everyone around you has found their “one” which means you will still have your journey of finding them. And that…that is worthwhile.


Now, flipping the other side of the coin. Those in relationships, on the other side, have it pricier! We know that your #1 priority is to make sure that your partner is happy with what you have to offer…Couples, here is how to tackle V-Day’s anxiety and make a memorable day out of it:

– But where do we go…

If you’re looking for a tranquil, romantic spot to enjoy breakfast with your partner, then chill restaurants are the ultimate way to go; there is Ratio’s bakery (Maadi), Madeliene (Maadi), Shawlaki (Sheikh Zayed) and Saquoia (Zamalek). How about an oriental dinner with finger-licking desserts? Well, for that, you have some costly options: Peppenero (Fifth Settlement), Pyramids Lounge with a picturesque view or Sizzler with its countless branches all around Cairo!

Sizzler…Don’t you just love the vibes!

– But I have no money…

What if you’re not financially prepared to spend that amount? Don’t worry; we got you! At 300 LE, you can purchase a wrapped gift box full of the most adorable, memorable items from “Boxsiito”! Another option is where you don’t have to spend anything at all: invite them to bake or cook some cookies then have a movie marathon with all your favourite movies! What if you’re trying to make it as nostalgic as you can? Then, print out some delightful pictures of the both of you and stick them to a love card … Love-dump as much as you can in that card!

No matter whether you’re single or in a relationship of whatever kind, the 14th of February is chaotic and stressful! While making others happy, don’t forget to keep yourself content and relaxed. It’s the day of love, so love yourself in the same way you want to be loved! A once-so-stressful day has diminished into a ‘loving’ day “wrapped” around your fingers. And of course, Uthhub wishes you a lovely Valentine’s ;D

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