Top 15 Brands For Abayas and Kaftans in The MENA Region

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect Abaya or Kaftan for your Ramadan iftar, we’ve got you covered with some distinguished pieces in the MENA Region 

Tha Seen

As Ramadan Began, We couldn’t help but notice the exquisite designs that were released for their Ramadan collection items, such as coat abayas, chiffon printed dresses in various color combinations, and satin abayas, which were seen on various celebrities.


Bazic is well-known for its fresh designs and bold color choices, yet we were taken away by their Ramadan kaftans and sets: All in gorgeous patterns and bright colors.



For Ramadan, Ayöu debuted a tiny collection for the first time so that you could match your kaftans and dresses with your little ones. Their clothing embodies beauty and simplicity, making it ideal for iftar.


Based in UAE, Mauzan is all about expressing a woman’s individuality and femininity using elegant abayas and kaftans. Their Ramadan collections vary from classic Black Abayas to colorful minimalistic ones: all made with the highest fabrics


Searching for a luxurious Abaya to style, Epiphany, besides being one of the early brands to create colorful abayas, has always had its charm from layered tulle abayas to silk kaftans. Perfect for iftar and morning wear.

Noor The Label

Noor’s collections merge elegance and traditional cuts under the motto “Elegance is modesty.” They are located in Dubai, and you can schedule a home service visit to have them deliver their selection right to your house so you may try them out comfortably. Additionally, they offer international shipping.


Various colored Abayas by Illi come in a variety of designs, including tie-dye, star-covered, straight-cut, and enormous. It’s everything to stay fresh with trends and fashion. You won’t see everyone wearing it because their pieces are meant to make you feel special and are particularly limited.

Marwa Aly Designs

Marwa Aly Designs is the brand to turn to if you don’t typically wear abayas or kaftans and want something special that reflects Ramadan vibes. Their pink kimonos, multicolored kaftans, and Arabic calligraphy are exquisite for gatherings

Chef May: Fashion line

Don’t worry; your favorite Arab chef, May Yacoubi, has just launched a new collection of clothes in time for Ramadan. Her abayas and kaftans strike the ideal blend between comfort and fashion.


Differently styleable kaftans and abayas in metallic and glittering colors. Their pieces come in different pastel shades and glittery colors. It’s perfect for nighttime wear


Do you recall the lovely maroon abaya Georgina wore when she first arrived in the Middle East? It was designed and made by Dollab. Their velvet collection is stunning and vibrant.


Founded in 2016, the Bahraini brand Gul expresses delicacy and minimalism in their outfit pieces using the best fabrics and exquisite tailoring.


One of the most fashionable and affordable choices in Cairo is yours signature kaftans. It comes in a variety of colors and designs. Their pieces are selling out quickly so you might want to check their website or store in New Cairo


By Farah Barbary

Because of their softness and classic patterns, pure linen kaftans, and patterned kimonos are an excellent choices for Ramadan outings. They can also be styled in different ways.


Hessa Falasi

a luxurious fabric with attractive illustrations and patterns.They collaborate with many cultures and designers, drawing inspiration from the arts for their modest clothing lines

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