Top 10 Newest Food Content Creators We Are Loving This Ramadan

Ramadan is usually paired with lots of exciting traditions, such as television shows, outlandish decor everywhere you go and brand new food inventions each year. From Sobya with boba to konafa millefeuille, this ramadan has truly surprised us all with its new creations and modern twists on ramadan classics.

Most people will not be able to test out all of these new desserts as well as all of the hit Iftar spots before ramadan is over. This is why food content creators are considered one of the best food guides during ramadan to help you test out all of the items worth trying and which ones you should skip. Here are the best food content creators we have spotted this ramadan and are loving so far!

Amr el Hady

Amr el Hady has truly went above and beyond this ramadan by testing out iftar, dessert, and sohoor spots from all over Egypt. He has also started a series on tiktok and instagram called “ekhtera3 wall fel daya3” where he asks his followers which ramadan desserts he should try out and whether or not they are worth purchasing. We are loving the content so far in addition to his purely honest reviews and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us. 

Ramy Soli 

Ramy soli has taken it upon himself this ramadan to test out various iftar and dessert spots as well as show us all his ramadan takes on everyday foods to incorporate all our favorite foods into this special month. His katayef pizza is a memorable twist on one of the biggest ramadan treats and, from the looks of it, may be worth testing out. 

Omar alaa

From affordable sohoor spots to delectable desserts, Omar alaa has truly done it all this ramadan. He has reviewed some hit food spots this ramadan and some hidden ones as well. He has tested out some desserts that almost no one has talked about which makes him stand out for us as it shows his versatility as a creator. 


Banoura has decided to go all out this ramadan with the best places to enjoy sohoor and iftar with the invigorating vibes. She has also tested out multiple restaurants that serve iftar and has given her honest review on all of them. What makes her stand out for us is the fact that she has tried to find restaurants that serve food with a fun twist, such as cooking the food yourself or ceramic painting while waiting for food to make for a fun day with friends or family. 

Esraa Sobhy 

Esraa’s food content is centered mainly around scenic iftar and sohoor spots to eat at that are not as well known to the general public. She tries all of these spots with her friends and other food creators. She always gives her honest opinion about the food she is eating, which indicates that her content is made to benefit her followers with no ulterior motives. She has also reviewed several viral ramadan desserts and tries getting her followers the best deals possible when eating out. 

Danya Shehab ElDeen 

What separates Danya from the rest of these creators is not her content or style of filming content, but rather her location. She is based in Alexandria and looks for hidden gems all around the beautiful city that truly set it apart from other locations in Egypt. She is also one of the smallest creators featured and We cannot wait to see her account grow and flourish. 


Sensawy has mostly focused on reviewing and rating brand new ramadan desserts with full details and transparency. He has tried out both popular, hyped desserts and desserts that most people have not heard of this ramadan but can still be considered creations as they are as far from traditional as possible. He has also reviewed the iftar at some restaurants and has pointed out their perks and flaws which makes him a trusted food content creator. 

Yaseer Dabees 


Yasser is one of the most well known names on this list with his small business that sells homemade ice cream; Dr. Yasser’s Kitchen. This ramadan, he has mainly been creating food content centered around cooking instead of reviewing, although he has posted some occasional reviews. He started an ongoing series called 30 recipes for thirty days of ramadan where he tests out new recipes or shares some of his household staples with us. 

Youmna ELshenawy 

This ramadan, Youmna has decided to take a step back from tiktok, however she is very active and posts daily food reviews on her instagram which feature her trying various restaurants, cafes and general food locations this ramadan and commenting on the quality of the food and service in the restaurants. Her content has a very vibrant, bright energy surrounding it which makes it perfect for ramadan. 

Nada Tarek

food content

Nada tarek has created reviews on most, if not all, famous desserts this ramadan and has went above and beyond to locate different food spots that offer desserts with affordable and justifiable prices. She has also created some iftar and sohoor reviews for multiple restaurants that feature her honest opinions on the food, location and service of the restaurants. 

Don’t miss out on these creator’s content as it is extremely entertaining to watch and may just inspire you to try something new 

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